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Last night's sunset

I got stuck in a thunderstorm on the way back from my errands yesterday and managed to make it home in time for this:

Tonight's sky after the thunderstorm

I stood on my porch and pointed the camera to the west, above the tree line. Perhaps I can handle storms when there's a sunset like this afterward.


Wow. If you hadn't said anything, I would have guessed that a photo of a CA wildfire and not a sunset. It's beautiful.

Yes, it was spectacular, wasn't it?! We noticed it too, but it was pink at the time. Shoulda taken a pic like you did!

That's so pretty! I love orange skies!

I noticed the sunset last night, too. I was hoping it signaled an end to the rain, but no such luck.

wow - fantastic photo.

Oh I loved it too when I got off from work and came home... too bad for the rain because today I was stuck pretty much all day at home I couldn't go to work everything was flooded... how was it up there in your area?

It does look like a wildfire, not a thunderstorm. Pretty though.

Gosh, that is absolutely stunning!

Oh my, that's incredible, I'm glad you had your camera.



Wow, amazing color!

Pure magic.

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