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Soon unveiling something new

I'll soon be unveiling something new -- something which will bring this blog back to a knitting (and occasionally, crocheting) focus.

Here's a hint:

"Penny" copyright 1946 John H. Howell, Jr.

Note: This is a photo that my dad shot in the mid- to late-1940's. The only note on the photo was "Penny," so I assume it's her name.


Oooh, I'm intrigued! I'm sending you an email, too...

"Penny" is an awesome photograph! I've loved the photo since the first time I saw it and would really like to know more about Penny! Soon something new?!!
Can't wait to see!!

what a beautiful photograph

Aw man! You're kidding?! LOL I LOVE and adore the picture. I quess I will wait patiently....

Dying of curiosity!

Oh I love that image, it whispers so much. I wonder whatever happened to Penny?

Lovely photo.

What a great photo! Looking forward to seeing what you're up to...

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