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Kristen's Pink™ Albutilon Hybrid
Kristen's Pink™ Abutilon hybrid

Thank you all for the kind comments on my previous entry . I appreciate (so much) the emails from all of you and the incredibly helpful advice and encouragement. Thank you!

I needed some quiet time on Wednesday, so I went to Lowe's to visit their garden center. I intended to just look and write down some ideas for a large bed in our front yard, but there were a few plants that had to come home with me after all. Although I'm not planning a lot of vibrant color in the beds, this pink and yellow flowering plant (above) was irresistible. Details are linked in the photo caption.

About three years ago, I was with my dad at his favorite garden center:

Dad at garden center

I don't remember what he bought that day (if anything), but he enjoyed strolling through and looking at the plants and talking about them. We knew he was declining due to dementia, but he was still very much at home with his plants. I don't have much of a green thumb, but like my sister mentioned to me last night, gardening is something that reminds us of him and perhaps that's part of what led me there.

My aunt has emailed me snippets of stories and memories about my dad's childhood and it's been such a great reminder to me to keep moving forward -- to remain connected and in the present. When I'm self-absorbed (whether through grief or distraction), I'm not connecting with anybody and that's not healthy, is it?

cul⋅ti⋅vate - to promote or improve the growth of (a plant, crop, etc.) by labor and attention.


Tremendous entry! Wonderful memory shared of your Dad. Thank you for sharing it.
Excellent word...cultivate.

Whenever I see a beautiful garden, it makes me think of my grandfather. Your post reminded me of him today and how our (family's) lives are all a bit duller without him. I hope you find some peace during these difficult times.

Your entry reminded me so much of my father. Each spring I plant beautiful annuals in his honor - he was an avid gardener and often helped me with our own garden. I planted a camelia plant soon after he passed away and it blooms strong each spring to mark the new season. I wish you well, and encourage you to keep moving forward and honoring the happy times with your dad. Hugs from Virginia Beach :)

What a beautiful, active way to keep his memory alive. And to keep connected...

Wonderful! Wonderful flower, wonderful memories, wonderful goals. ((hugs))

Hello! I was randomly browsing the web when I got to one of your pages and saw your beautiful projects. I am particularly interested on the brown crochet cardigan that is part of a set of pictures. Is that from the japanese crochet book you mentioned?

Thank you!