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Knit plain socks

Just a plain sock

Last week, I had an urge to knit a sock -- a plain sock -- to compensate for way too much unfinished business (both in fiber and in my life). Instead of my usual 2.25mm double-pointed needles, I opted for the 2.75mm to knit these (2" ribbed cuffs were knit with 2.25mm) in the spirit of this great Elizabeth Zimmermann quote:

“Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn’t hurt the untroubled spirit either.” – Knitting Without Tears

It worked.

Plain socks are no-nonsense knits. There's no fiddling with patterns or endless choices and decisions. And for this sock, I didn't even set out to knit them for a particular person. I just wanted to knit socks. Halfway through, I realized that this is the best way to get socks done. So, I'm thinking now about my "precious" sock yarn collection -- all of those skeins of sock yarn awaiting the perfect sock pattern before I use them. Why not just knit it all up? It's the process of knitting plain socks that I enjoy so much, so does it matter if I take the easy way out? I knit the first sock very quickly -- a personal record of 2.5 days of actual knitting time. And this was accomplished during a busy and stressful week. It has energized me too, so I am passing this idea along to you and giving you permission to knit plain socks.


Hell yes! I love this idea.

Now, what should I knit... er, make... for dinner? :)

p.s. Just saw that Star Trek is playing at the local theatre in town. We just might see it this weekend after all (matinee).

They are beautiful socks!!! Not plain at all :-)

Yes! Any knitting is wonderful as long as you enjoy it. I like your sock :)

Excellent idea and suggestion. Glad it helped you out too.

I don't even know how to hold on with job and familly, if there wouldn't be a little basket containing a little mindless knit waiting for me at home !!!

Plus the sock looks pretty good !!!

Its a great little sock. Socks are always nice to knit.

Nothing plain about it. An exceptional sock from beautiful yarn. What is the yarn by the way?

Perfect advice! I can't agree more. More than once knitting has brought me back to a state of calm that nothing else can. And "plain" socks as you can them are never really plain. Basic perhaps, but plain never because your love for the craft itself is poured into them and it radiates back for all to see and share!

I love this! Just getting on and doing it is such a powerful message. Thanks for the reminder.

I have a personal mental block about socks. I've never finished one, but maybe this has something to do with it. I like your new mantra about sock knitting, and your "plain" sock looks great!

Perfect! I'm a fan of plain socks myself. I keep buying sock books and patterns and never knit anything except plain socks.

Patterned socks have their place, but I love to knit a plain sock. Perfect for that mindless zen style knitting (or for knitting at very social events). And show off the very special yarns to perfection.

I love patterned socks, too, but sometimes plain sock knitting is required. Like comfort food. Yours is a beauty.

I love the colors, and I agree with you on the pooling, it really works!

Lovely socks! What yarn is that? I'm knitting plain socks,too. Very soothing.

With such pretty yarn, stockinette is the perfect choice. You should ALWAYS knit what you want to knit, whether it is easy or hard. Sometimes when I'm stressed I like to knit something that I have to pay attention to (but don't have to figure out how to do it), as something very easy won't distract my mind enough from worrying. My brain is awfully good at worrying.

These are lovely and don't seem plain at all! But I agree--sometime no pattern=a delight.

What a pretty colorway!!