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Knitting bags

From RoseKnits Etsy shop:

:: One to keep ::
Anna Maria Horner Knitting Bag - RoseKnits Etsy
:: One to share ::
Anna Maria Horner Knitting Bag - RoseKnits Etsy

I love Anna Maria Horner fabrics so I'm enjoying my knitting tote very much. It slips on the wrist like a market bag and allows me to carry my purse on my shoulder. I'm picky about knitting bags and this one has all the features I love - it's roomy and deep and everything I put in it is easily accessible.

Annie of Rose Knits is from Tulsa, Oklahoma and in addition to Etsy, you can find her bags at Loops (online or at the shop in Utica Square). The fortune cookie bags are adorable and handy for your notions and accessories.

What's your favorite knitting bag?


I've become really partial to the box bags... They fit just about any project that I'm working on, my knit kit, and I can usually slip in my wallet and cell phone. For a knitting day, it's perfect!!!

My favorite bags are the ones that double as a purse and for my knitting projects with a couple of compartments.

Here is a quick link to my fav bag:

But what I really dream of is an Offhand Design bag one day ;o)

I never go anywhere with my yarn these days, but GOSH those are some cute bags!

My favorite bag seems to rotate. Right now I'm using a large messenger bag that I bought at Old Navy several years ago. Before that it was my Jordana Paige "knitter's satchel". Who knows what my favorite bag will be in another few months? ;)

Those are great bags - I was looking at them myself the other day! I have so many knitting bags and pouches it isn't funny! Small ones for socks, bigger for garments etc. My favourites are ones that my friends have made for me.

My favorite knitting bag is an old screen printed tote I found in my Grandma's closet. When I got it it was filled with travel brochures and maps from her trip to Ireland. I love that bag.

gorgeous bags Janet...love them both!my fave,hmmmm...changes daily!

I love bags, probably a bit too much. Been itching for some fun new fabrics for a bag making session myself.

Those bags are just gorgeous, any yarn should be proud to be ported in either one...

Happy knitting-

Love that bright green and blue fabric!