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Ripples resumed recently

Soft Waves Ripple - Crochet
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I finally had a chance to work on my Ripple blanket last week. It had been so long that I was sure I'd forgotten how to do it. However, I picked up my hook and was able to continue where I left off. I love that about crochet -- it seems to be more forgiving of being put aside for a while. The only downside to the project is having several pounds of wool in my lap while I work on each new row. Our heat index has been in the low- to mid-100's and while I know I'll appreciate the Ripple's warmth during the chill of the fall and winter, it's not so comfortable right now. I also catch myself daydreaming about other ripple color combos while I'm crocheting this very random and unplanned one.

Soft Waves Ripple - Crochet

Crochet continues to be what's inspiring me lately -- yet I do intend to pick up knitting needles and complete some projects . . . eventually. Twisted Yarns will be getting the Spud & Chloƫ yarns and patterns and I'm very excited about it. I love that the yarn is a wool/cotton blend and the colors seem so vibrant. See more at Leslie's blog entry regarding the TNNA show - you'll get excited too! And don't miss Susan B. Anderson's introduction and background information.

Thank you all for the kind birthday wishes. I had a great birthday and I'm still enjoying my new Kindle. I know there are those who are skeptical about ebooks, and for me it's a way to read current fiction bestsellers as well as classic literature. But rest assured -- I'm still buying knitting (and now crochet) books!


It's looking fabulous! I really admire the way you've gone for a random colour combination. I would find it hard not to try to control the colours, but I think your way is so successful.

The blanket is fantastic! It reminds me of a feather & fan afghan my nana made for me with all her leftover yarn.

I love the blanket! I can see myself with a cup of coffee, a novel and your warm blanket on a winter's day when the snow is falling and I will be "snug as bug!" Great job Janet!

The ripple looks great!

I love that blanket! Its winter where I live and that blanket looks so warm and
cozy. Love your colour choices too (perfect for brightening up a cold winters day:))

I love this blanket! Think I'll knit one of these up!

I love your color sense on this project--it's really beautiful!

Wow! That looks great! Thanks for sharing those pics. Congrats on making it.

As always your crochet is gorgeous. I really need to start my Ripple so I will have it ready for the Winter. Unfortunately we've had way too hot heat here too!

I really want to crochet a ripple, yours is beautiful, but I need to use stash up first!

I saw Spud and Chloe in person at my LYS and the colors are unreal, I love them!

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