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I got back on the horse that threw me

. . . the horse called "Knitting"

Some of you more astute Ravelers (as well as a few of you on Flickr) might have noticed that I cast on and started a new project last week -- and I was really struggling with it. The struggle was entirely due to my choosing a pattern that would highlight the negative qualities of my knitting. While I was sharing my issues on Flickr and Ravelry, the designer contacted me with helpful suggestions (which I followed) but my unhappiness with my knitting persisted. Each time I sat down to knit -- fully intending to see it through to the end, I would feel a wave of nausea and dizzyness. So I decided that I was far too invested in it emotionally (and not in a good way) that I needed to completely unravel it, wind the yarn I'd used and return the unused balls. Continuing the project would have taught me nothing -- and it wasn't at all FUN.

I bought a new pattern and new yarn and I'm playing it safe. Even the pattern -- from Knitting Pure and Simple -- promises to be just that. I even chose a natural-colored yarn, demonstrating an uncharacteristic lack of adventure. I did, however, choose the buttons that charmed me the most:

[Flickr] [Ravelry]

The yarn, if it was edible, would be delicious; the color is even called "Ice Cream"

[Flickr] [Ravelry]

It's Spud & Chloƫ Sweater, a wool and organic cotton blend. I absolutely LOVE it. It's a true worsted weight too -- not too light or too heavy. I'm already to the point where I will separate the sleeves and join the front to the back. I just have to buy the rest of the yarn -- I had no idea I'd knit this far in less than a day. My gauge is perfect and I've compensated for my rowing-out issue (see another blogger's illustration of "rowing out" here) by purling with a smaller needle. That is, I'm knitting with 4.5mm Addi Turbos and purling with 4.0mm Denise needles. There's still a good portion of this current project in which I used the same size needle for both knitting and purling and it's noticeable -- but it doesn't bother me that it's there.

Last week, I got to have lunch with SoKnitpicky; we discussed knitting, food, and some of my drama. It was during our lunch and her talking about her latest knit (the one for which she'd just purchased yarn less than a week earlier and was already nearly finished knitting!) that I made the decision to frog my own project that spurred this blog entry. She was wearing this top at lunch and like everything else she knits and wears, it looked great on her. It's become for me a visual and a goal -- to knit something I'll wear that will be that flattering and stylish. Since nothing in my closet currently fits well anyway, now's the right time to consider knitting for my true size and body shape -- the one I am now and will likely be from now on.


Wow, I learned a lot from your post. I had not heard of rowing out before and it was interesting to learn about it more via the link you provided.

The yarn and buttons look great! I hope this project goes much more smoothly for you. May I ask where you purchased the buttons?

I need to get my hands on some of that yarn. I've been following the whole thing on Susan B. Anderson's blog, and the yarn looks amazing! I'm so glad you are enjoying this project!

The cardigan pattern looks really sweet, I bet it will be lovely in that yarn and with those buttons. My problem with stocking stitch is that my knit stitch tends to be looser than my purls - glad to hear you found a solution for your rowing out!

I've never heard of Rowing Out before. Glad you changed your project. Forcing your self to knit a project that you were reacting to that way would have been quite the unpleasant long haul to completion and doubtful if you'd ever have worn the object.

I was just looking at the Spud and Chloe yarns the other day online and I'm glad someone I know has some experience with them. The yarn does look scrumptious.

Good philosophy about body types too, it's something I've been trying to deal with for a while.

What beautiful buttons! And the yarn is lovely. I'm glad you are enjoying this project.

I'm slowly gathering various books on how to make sweaters with individual fit, and with time I'll work my way through them. Luckily, there are many patterns that have a little leeway in the fit department, that I can knit in the meantime.

I love the buttons! it will look good on the cardigan! The scrubber you knitted and sent to me, I LOVE IT!!! It works great on my pots and pans that have been sitting for a little while (didn't rush to get the dishes done!) Didn't have to put a lot of effort into getting them clean!!

That yarn looks so soft! I love the color and buttons. Glad it's enjoyable for you!

The buttons are so gorgeous!

I love the buttons. So glad you have found a knit that will be right for you.

[blush]. Glad you are on to a project that is more satisfying. Those buttons are gorgeous--are they from the shop? I haven't played with my Sweater yarn yet but am tempted to bring it with me on part 2 of the vacay, even though I really should be working on a warm-weather top instead.

Frogging must be in the air. I am about to rip out 400 yds of knitting bc it makes me miserable. I just saw Spud & Chloe at a new LYS here in town, cute stuff!