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I wanted to love them

Clover Takumi 9-inch Circular Needles

I love the yarn
I love the stitch marker
I even loved the 9-inch circular needles. At first.

Knitting the ribbing (2x2; that is, K2, P2) was an absolute joy. It seemed easier to knit ribbing on the circulars. However, the plain stockinette portion slowed me down considerably because of the way I hold these needles. For me, there is too much "play" between stitches -- something that would be okay for a patterned sock, but undesirable when there is a need for speed. I knit faster on DPNs with more control and tighter stitches. I still like the concept of small circulars, but when I want a joyful sock knitting experience, double-pointed needles are my tool of choice.

You know what's coming next, right? I want to give the 9-inch circular needles to somebody who would like to try them. These are 2.75mm or the equivalent of a US Size 2 needle.


Just leave a brief comment letting me know the sock yarn you're planning to use with the needles and I'll choose the recipient by Thursday morning. Assurances that you're going to post a photo and/or blog entry reviewing the needles are highly likely to influence me.


I've wanted to try 9 inch circs for awhile (I usually knit socks with the magic loop method).
I'd probably use either a skein of Malabrigo sock that has been tempting me, or some of my new handspun to try out the needles. I love to blog, so these needles+sock in progress would definitely be mentioned and photoed :)

thanks for the offer, but i really, really like knitting socks with 2 circs.
you're so sweet and generous! hope you had a great time with your family!
love and hugs!

Well aren't you the good sport for giving them away. I'd jump in for them but honestly the closest I've gotten to socks is my weird obsession with collecting sock yarn. Even the cashmere blend didn't seem to help move me forward with the knitting. Suppose it is rapidly becoming an Art collection!

I'm also a DPN girl. I've tried socks on circs, but didn't particularly enjoy knitting them.

What yarn were you using? (Just out of curiosity.)

I have some HIYA HIYA 9" circs that I need to try. I really like using DPNS also.

Ooof. I can't stand knitting on those small needles either. My fingers cramp up!

That sock color is fab though!

I'm like you, I don't like smaller circulars for whatever reason. They just aren't very comfy. DPN's all the way!

Ooo! I've never tried a 9" needle in bamboo! I knit practically everything I can get away with on 9" needles.

I've got a skein of BMFA mediumweight in Siren Song that would be the perfect compliment to bamboo needles.

Flickr and the blog would def see socks on those! :)

I haven't even considered using the little needles as I tend to use magic loop for everything now. I would transfer my Cauchy socks onto them to give a comparison between them and magic loop.

I've always wanted to try 9" circs. I generally (i.e. the 2 pairs of socks that I'm currently knitting) are done on a 60" circ.
If I had those 9" needles, I'd use some locally dyed (Mind's Eye Yarns) merino/tencel blend in a colorway called gunmetal to make some socks for myself. And maybe this would be the impetus to actually blog about my knitting. I created a wordpress blog for it, but never actually used it...

I've never even seen 9" circs before! I'm used to knitting small diameter circular pieces on DPNs, but I would love to try on small circs!

I've got a few balls of discontinued Schoeller+Stahl Fortissima Colori Disco Socka and a couple of balls of Lane Cervinia Calzetteria I've been meaning to put to use for socks and mitts and I'd love to test out some 9" circs on those yarns.

I had pretty much the same experience you did - I thought they looked too good to be true, and then realised that they were! But I don't like dpns all that much either, as they make me feel clumsy (always stabbing myself). Magic loop is the method I've settled on as suiting me best.

I am working with some Serenity socik weight yarn by Deborah Norville collection for a baby sweater. I have the Needlemaster set to use for the body but I couldn't find any small enough circulars to do the sleeves for the baby sweater. I want to avoid as many seams as possible because babies are so sensitive. So even though I would not be using these needles right now for socks (I put my socks on hold till I get this baby sweater done because the due date is coming up really fast), I would certainly be putting the needles to good use.

Thanks for your thoughful giving.



I tried them too at my LYS. Intrigued at the cutie patootie size but I knew I would go right back to my beloved DPNS. Listen, it took me forever to get used to all those needles in one small space!