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First sock found

My first sock - from February 2004
My first sock - February 2004

I was on a mission to find this sock the other day because I'd shared with somebody how utterly horrid my very first sock turned out; granted, I didn't think it was horrid at the time, but I do now. I got through the process of knitting it by nurturing a burning desire to be a sock knitter and with Mariann (my ever-patient knitting teacher) telling me that I could do it. This is the pattern she had used to turn others into sock knitters and I think it was a great way to learn sock techniques. It's a worsted-weight washable yarn held double and it becomes a thick crew sock. And, no, I never finished the second sock.

It struck me the other day that there are always going to be new knitters who genuinely want to put in the time and effort to learn how to knit and I never want to forget how it felt to have questions -- to be scared and uncertain. I don't remember if Knitting Help videos were available back when I started learning how to knit socks, but if they were, I'd have watched the ones in the Advanced Techniques section repeatedly! While I'm a huge fan of double-pointed needles for sock knitting, I'm planning to master the other techniques (magic loop, socks on two circulars) so that I can help others who prefer this method and are learning how to knit socks. And I'm even going to try to keep an open mind about an alternate sock-knitting method I've resisted learning so far -- the one in this book.

I know many of you have shared before that you're magic loop fans -- or that you love the two circulars method, but I'm curious to know which sock knitting methods you've tried before you settled on your favorite.

Meanwhile, there's a nearly finished, big-eared sock monkey knit entirely on double-pointed needles waiting to make his debut after he has his photoshoot this weekend -- along with a long and drawn out post about why I wanted to knit a sock monkey in the first place.

Sock Monkey - Monkey Business


I want to make a sock monkey too!

I still have to learn how to knit socks! I look forward to because there are such pretty patterns on the net and magazines. And it's much faster than a sweater to knit! Look forward to see the photoshoot of your sock monkey!!!

I learned how to knit socks on double points, but one did one pair this way. As much as I like the look of the double points on the work and watching others knit with double points I just don't prefer it over the other methods. I briefly tried 2 circulars, but during the same week I discovered the magic loop and quickly switch over to that. I love the magic loop and will probably never go back to double pointed or 2 circulars again. Although, I am always tempted with the double points because they do look so cool.

I've never owned any dpn's at all. I have tried 2 circs for smaller things knit in the round, but I found it cumbersome and confusing. So it's always magic loop for me (and yes, I do it with my Denise set too)

P.S. Your sock monkey is looking so handsome!

I switch between dpns and magic loop - I like both fairly equally (although I still get ladders with dpns, no matter what I do - so I move the stitches around the needles every 4 rows or so). I don't mind socks on two circs, but I don't have that many small size circs! I've done the MM-O socks on two circs (but with legs of toddler pants) and didn't like it much, although I wouldn't say I'd never do it again.

I don't think anyones first sock turns out that great. My first sock was made with some cheap acrylic sock yarn (Red Heart?) which at the time I thought turned out AWESOME ended up being too short and the toe was super tight but I did it.

I have only used DPN's and use the top down method because I can't figure out how to start at the toe and the Kitchner stitch is one that I actually like. I would like to try with circulars and have purchased a book on how but can't yet get it....

Your sock looks strong and handsome to me. Took me years to finish my first sock and now it's been months and still no start on my 2nd sock. However I do have this strange compulsion to purchase sock yarn.

Knitting Help videos are a lifesaver. Can't tell you how many books I dove into trying to figure out how to Purl through the back. It wasn't until I watched the video multiple times with yarn & needle in hand that I got it.

that truly is one fine sock.
the basic sock is always my favorite.
and seeing that reminds me that libby has asked for a new pair. yikes.

love the monkey..... :)

I remember how intimidated I was about knitting socks for the first time. But what really helped was Charlene Schurch's books. Ever since getting those I became a sock feign.

I love your monkey by the way. I might have to buy the pattern and make myself one, too!


I'm learning to knit socks. I started out wanted to knit gloves, which I'm pretty good at now. Unfortunely knitting in the round for me with double pointed needle does not work. Must be the hand and eye thing or not having enough patient to get through the first few rows with all those needles. Anyway I'm a two circular needle kinda girl. I did try the two socks on the magic loop method. Yep! I'm a two circular needles kind of gal.