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Monkey Business

The best kind of business is monkey business:

Monkey Business - Paton's Knitting Pamphlet
1. Paton's "Monkey Business", 2. Paton's "Monkey Business", 3. Paton's "Monkey Business"

And so it goes with my love of sock monkeys. This Paton's pattern book, Monkey Business: Knit or Crochet has the cutest patterns; I bought it for the basic sock monkey pattern but the baby monkey (pictured in the top frame above) is pretty adorable too. There's a reggae monkey ("Bob") with dreads, a punk rock monkey ("Sid") with a mohawk, tattoo and "piercing" - and so many more cute ones, including non-monkeys as well. I think I'm going to have to knit one soon.

I also blogged at simplyjanet.com yesterday.


I love sock monkeys!! I've never made one - but they are tempting! I'm hoping I can get in the spirit when I have little ones!

Those are super-cute patterns. Did you buy the book at your local Jo-ann's or Michaels?

Sock monkeys are so cute. I'd love to see the reggae one.

The monkeys are so adorable!!! I understand why you like them.

Those are so cute!

Oh man I am with you on the monkey love! These are adorable... where are my needles???!!x

I should knit one of these - so adorable!

I have been on the look-out for a good ol' sock monkey pattern! These look so sweet!

So adorable!

These little monkeys are adorable! I've been watching your progress on Ravelry and Flickr. So cute!

love the monkey ;o)) he's SO cute!