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A knit-along and return to routine

ChicKnits MM KAL.jpg

The shop where I work is now carrying a line of patterns I've been hoping for -- Chic Knits. At least three of my co-workers are knitting the Basic Chic Hoodie and the one I've seen of Alisa's (knit with Rowan Lima) is gorgeous! However, if you rush to the shop to buy patterns -- they've nearly run out! (Please ask them to order more!)

I've been getting Bonne Marie's email notifications for a while now and recently, she announced a new pattern for a Mini Mystery Knit-along. Sign-ups for the mini knit-along ended on September 25th and she released the first of three clues the following day. I had yarn in my stash that was perfect for it and cast on immediately - it's the heathery pumpkin-colored Cascade 220 in the photo above.

And I have to share how happy I've been with my new Ravelry Queue discipline. I'm limiting my queue to things I intend to cast on within a 3- to 4-month period. And I've tried to make a reasonable guess as to when I will cast on and the order in which I intend to knit (or crochet) them. Everything else that used to reside in my Queue goes into my Ravelry Favorites. While this is working well for me - your mileage may vary. The best benefit is that It keeps me from inevitable distraction and I love that.

If I wasn't doing this, I'm sure I would feel too overwhelmed to start any knit-alongs, but now my queue's no longer impossibly ambitious and guilt-inducing. There's plenty of room in there to start a small project in between the planned "big" ones. So therefore, when I was reading Lolly's big announcement of the Fifth Annual Socktoberfest celebration, I was excited to click over to the Through the Loops' Socktoberfest Mystery Sock. I'm joining in the fun this year for the first time. Are you participating in Socktoberfest? As a reminder, Socktoberfest is more than a knit-along -- in fact, it's anything sock-related that you want to make it! After all the illness and drama we had in September, I'm just thrilled to make it to October -- and that's part of what I'm celebrating as I participate in the knit-along.


I have 2 Chic Knits patterns I plan to knit, Twist and Cassidy, but I also like several of her newer patterns too. I love the color you chose for the mystery knit.

I'm debating starting the TTL Mystery Sock. I wound yarn, but am feeling guilty about starting another sock when I have several singles. Michael told me not to listen to the guilty voice (said it was my mother's not mine!), and not to worry as I always end up making the entire pair at some point.

ChicKnits mystery?? Sheesh...HOW did I MISS this one???

Hmmm I like your queue philosophy, but I also like mine! :) I basically queue up anything I ever think I'll want to make, because I love being able to search my queue in the "advanced search" feature. If I need to make a blanket, I can search among all the ones I've already queued. (It used to stress me out, having all these hundreds of projects in there that I know I'll never make in this lifetime, but I've stopped thinking it of as a queue and more of a collection of ideas/inspirations...)

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