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Mystery Knit and Outlander

Chic Knits Mini Mystery Knit-along and Kindle

On Saturday, I'll get the final clue for the Chic Knits Mini Mystery Knit-Along. I am loving the project and SO excited about finishing it. It reaffirms my love (yet again) for Cascade 220 - especially the heathered colors.

I've finished the first book in the Outlander series and have started the second book, Dragonfly in Amber. I'm definitely hooked, but I know I'm late to the party - how many of you have already read them?

By the way, for those of you considering a Kindle*, the prices have dropped again. I love mine and have enjoyed the ease (and instant gratification) of ordering the books I want to read. I'm never without a good book anymore. It came in handy at the doctor's office last week when I didn't have a project on the needles that I wanted to take with me.

* And, yes, all of my Kindle and Amazon links are now affiliate links, so I get a small percentage of the sale if you purchase via one of my links. When I was ready to purchase my Kindle, I looked for an affiliate link on another blogger's site so she would get a percentage of my purchase as well. Thank you to those of you who have purchased books through my links -- a portion of the proceeds so far has gone to Heifer International.


I was going to get an International ver. Kindle (got available just a couple of days ago). It was in my cart but not ordered yet, so I just deleted and put it again through your link. I hope I did it right. The order is set (with some printed books).
I just can't wait to get it! It would be my early Christmas present to myself.

Oh, I've been reading the Outlander series for about 10 years- my mom got me hooked on them.

They just keep getting better and better. Gabaldon just came out with the 7th book in the series, and oh, it's delightful. Hopefully it won't take another three years for the next one to come out.

Wishing you good times with Jamie and Claire!

I have a journalist friend who knows Diana Galbadon from the Compuserve writers forum. Before Diana's first book came out, this friend told to me to be on the look out for Outlander. I bought it in hardback the first week it was out. I have been hooked ever since. I just finished book 7, An Echo in the Bone. Occaisionally they can get slow, book 5 in particular, but they are always worth the time spent reading. Enjoy your time with Jamie and Claire.

The Kindle is coming here now. I am so tempted but not sure!

I love Outlander - I had forgotten the latest book was due out recently but I see from your other commenters that it's out (just have to wait for my library copy now).

Diana Gabladon is wonderful. I haven't read this latest yet - I am waiting for the audiobook version - but I thought I read somewhere that she planned a set number of books in the series and this would be her last. I hope not, but ...
I get impatient waiting for the next book in a series but in several cases where the author tired to rush things and produced faster, I found that the quality of the books suffered.

I have a Kindle question or two. My husband is legally blind - can you adjust the font size on the Kindle? Also, are there books for "rent" or loan at libraries or are they purchase only?

Oh, how I do adore my Kindle! Love, love, love it! And the Outlander books are AWESOME!!! I bought the latest one with birthday gift money, but I'm ready the ones about John Grey first because I never read them, then re-reading the last Outlander one before I read the latest. I need to get into the groove again.

Linda, you can get free books - older books that are no longer under copyright - through MobiPocket.com and other sites. There are Kindle versions available that you can download to the device. And you can make the font a variety of different sizes.

Well rats! I would have purchased through your link way back but didn't know. YOU were my evil influence and have to say I love my Kindle. It's great toting around one's library to read whatever strikes your fancy.

I picked up Outlander from the library a few weeks ago and I'm still only a couple chapters in. I'm a slooow reader, but also it's not totally capturing my interest yet. But I'm not giving up on it!

I just started outlander this month and I'm already in the 4th book. LOVE THEM!!!