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November 15, 2009

November knitting, crochet, and more

The things I want to finish . . .

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I've had a difficult month trying to figure things out and rearrange some priorities. However, knitting and crocheting have been among the few calming things I get to do -- when I get to do them. One of the milestones I've hit is that as of the first of November, I've worked at Twisted Yarns for 5 years. In a month, I'll have been knitting 6 years. In the scheme of things, I've not been knitting very long at all, so it surprises me when non-knitters make assumptions about me based on my hobbies. There's still a lot more to me than my claim to knitting as just one of my many passions. I challenge you to get to know the person behind the knitter. I think I've tried writing about this before -- about all these assumptions one can make about people when they don't make an effort to get to know them beyond their hobbies.

I'm grateful for the diversity among knitters and fiber enthusiasts and the opportunity I have to spend my time working with friends who are among the women I admire the most. I get to meet people who enrich my life beyond a simple sales transaction. I get to teach a skill and end up learning more in the process. I get to support an industry comprised of many women-owned businesses and business cooperatives in developing countries. You do know that there are excellent alternatives to yarn purchased in big-box stores and craft chains, right? I hope so. I hope that if it's your desire to support small businesses in your communities that you're spending your hard-earned dollars in places that matter - places that put money and time back into your community.

That's what this knitter is about . . . in case you were wondering.

November 02, 2009

Which Ewe are You?

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