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November knitting, crochet, and more

The things I want to finish . . .

currently in progress

. . . so I can start these:

Ravelry Queue

I've had a difficult month trying to figure things out and rearrange some priorities. However, knitting and crocheting have been among the few calming things I get to do -- when I get to do them. One of the milestones I've hit is that as of the first of November, I've worked at Twisted Yarns for 5 years. In a month, I'll have been knitting 6 years. In the scheme of things, I've not been knitting very long at all, so it surprises me when non-knitters make assumptions about me based on my hobbies. There's still a lot more to me than my claim to knitting as just one of my many passions. I challenge you to get to know the person behind the knitter. I think I've tried writing about this before -- about all these assumptions one can make about people when they don't make an effort to get to know them beyond their hobbies.

I'm grateful for the diversity among knitters and fiber enthusiasts and the opportunity I have to spend my time working with friends who are among the women I admire the most. I get to meet people who enrich my life beyond a simple sales transaction. I get to teach a skill and end up learning more in the process. I get to support an industry comprised of many women-owned businesses and business cooperatives in developing countries. You do know that there are excellent alternatives to yarn purchased in big-box stores and craft chains, right? I hope so. I hope that if it's your desire to support small businesses in your communities that you're spending your hard-earned dollars in places that matter - places that put money and time back into your community.

That's what this knitter is about . . . in case you were wondering.


Good luck with finishing your beautiful WIPs. Your future projects look awesome as well! When I started knitting, I did not know anything about yarn and bought it in chain stores, but now that I know more and seen what knitters in my area buy in our LYS in Montreal, I would not go back to chain store.

Get working on those WIPs ! !
Your top two queued items are on my list also.
Yep, you bet I support our local [30 miles to the north] yarn shops.

Get working on those WIPs ! !
Your top two queued items are on my list also.
Yep, you bet I support our local [30 miles to the north] yarn shops.

I have some of hose in my queue as well. :) You know me and yarn shops. Wish I could do better there.

I know what you mean about people making assumptions based on our hobbies - I'm still quite reticent about coming out as a knitter after 25 years! Love your new project choices - I look forward to seeing which you pick first.

Go local! Even if you don't live there, it's "local business" for you when you are connected to it.. It's what I feel when buying bags from fair-trade/developing country women aid AND American pork in Kyoto. It's all about the connection, isn't it?

Happy Thanksgiving!

totally agree with supporting the local business. We don't really have one but there are a couple of new stores opened a few miles away that I will make the effort to visit.

Very interesting and thought provoking post.

Dude. Your queue is ORGANIZED! You even include the yarn (and color?!) in the tags? Sheesh! :)

I'm afraid I'm guilty of making assumptions about non-knitters... I won't admit what I think of them here in this public forum, but it's not very nice! :O

Must check out the Owl sweater. I'll never knit it but like the look of it in your photo.

In regards to small business, have you heard of the 3/50 project? Here's the link if not. Great idea!

I find knitting about THE most calming thing I can do ...

Good Afternoon,

I read your blog and just love it!! I would like to see if I could your pattern for the waves crochet blanket. I really love it and can't find a pattern for it.
Thank you in advance!

I have a lot of those same items on my knitting wishlist - I can't wait to see yours!

It was a great surprise to see you on Friday -- I wish I had been feeling better! So tired & stressed. I look forward to seeing you again and having a chance to really talk! :-)

Oh, those lucky people who wander into Twisted Yarns and get to visit with you in person! Some day i am going to make my way to Houston... :) ♥
Janet, you live your life so beautifully and gracefully. Enjoy your beautiful projects, knowing that when you've finished you have even more amazing things to knit (i have those same patterns in my queue!) My knitting time is at a minimum right now as i head into the busiest part of our season, but i always have it with me - just in case. ;)
i haven't been around lately, but i think of you often and am always inspired by you.
lots of love and hugs! xoxoxo!!!!

Did you ever finish the Ruana? Jessica

Reading your blog was so interesting...I was captivated....Have you thought about writing a book?

Thanks for the free patterns. So much to knit, so little time.

Love the UFO's very vibrant colors!
I've been meaning to stop by your store, I really want to check out the yarns and get to know you, is not far from my house.

Hi, I really like your blog. You have sime lovely things. Way back in your blog you showed an afghan called "Fantastic Lace". It was in blue, and you called it a razor shell lace. Can you tell me ehwrw you found this pattern? Thanks so much.

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