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December 12, 2009

Happy Holidays - 2009 edition

Happy Holidays to all my loyal readers and friends! We're anticipating all the festivities here and have plans for some new traditions. I hope it all comes together.

We had an ornament exchange at the shop and I'm kicking myself for not taking photos of each ornament - all of them were handmade and adorable! Most of them were knitted and one was smocked. And now that the exchange has taken place, I can finally reveal the one I made:

Holiday Sweater, Berroco Minutia
[Ravelry] [Flickr]

The pattern is a free Berroco pattern and part of their annual "Minutia" patten collection:

Minutia 2008
Minutia 2009

The first time I knit one (same pattern), I used worsted weight yarn and it looks a bit more dense and full than the one I knit with a lighter worsted weight. Here's the first one:

Holiday Sweater - Berocco Minutia

I made some mistakes on it, so I kept it for my own tree. I have another one almost finished and seamed (using a different pattern) and I'll share that one when it's finished. It's ridiculous how much I enjoyed making them!

And the one I got? A sweet little elf, full of personality and sass:

Spud_and _Chloe_Elf.jpg

Here's his free pattern on the Spud & Chloƫ blog: Tiny Elf

So if I don't manage to get back here before the end of the month, Happy Holidays and Happy 82nd birthday to my Dad today: