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You may be right . . .

Dream in Color Knitosophy Butterfly
You may be right
I may be crazy
But it just might be a lunatic you're looking for
Turn out the light
Don't try to save me
You may be wrong for all I know
But you may be right

(Lyrics, Billy Joel, You May be Right)

It was about four years ago that I finished my first pair of handknit socks and last night I had a dream about knitting socks -- particularly about starting a new sock when I already had single socks waiting for their mates to be knit (that's actually true, by the way). However, in my dream, I was experiencing the absolute joy and freedom of starting a brand new sock, shamelessly and totally guilt free. I woke up thinking how crazy that probably is to most people -- not to mention that non-knitters don't get the whole handknit sock thing in the first place. (Those who wrinkle their noses at my handknit socks simply don't get them as gifts. Their loss). There are no knitting police, but there are often haughty knitters who remind you that you already have single socks that need their mates. And yes, I already know about the concept of two-at-a-time socks. I have some on the needles now!

All I know is that when I saw my first handknit socks, I had to learn how to knit them. It took me a solid year -- perhaps almost two years -- to grasp the concept and actually learn how to knit them. Undeniably, it was one of the most difficult things for me to learn how to do, but I figured it out and count it among my proudest achievements. Sadly, somewhere along the way, I began experiencing the guilt (again, from other knitters . . . not from the loved ones who would eventually GET my handknit socks) about the unfinished pairs. I started feeling guilty about casting on and some of the pride of finishing a single beautiful sock was diminished by the finger-pointers. You see, I can finish a single sock -- the first sock -- rather quickly. I enjoy the entire process, start-to-finish (yes, even the grafting -- now one of my favorite parts, as a I always knit cuff-to-toe). But when one sock is finished, I desperately want to start another in an entirely different sock yarn. Yet I don't. Because of the guilt. Holy cow. How insane is that?

I'm starting another sock.

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it's your life, janet. knit as many single socks as you like. ;-)

I frequently get second sock syndrome, too. Eventually the second sock does get done. But like you, I do enjoy the excitement of starting a new sock.

Not crazy. If you enjoy it, then by all means! I say buy little square canvases, mount the single socks onto them, and display them in a grouping as the art they are.

Oh, but I get the wanting to use a different yarn. I need the variety in my proects which is why I like to finish them up so quickly.

oh my goodness, that is gorgeous yarn!

life is too short to be guilt ridden over socks. knit as many first socks as you want and have fun doing it!

There is no rule that says a pair of socks match!

The sock you're knitting now is just gorgeous. The yarn really shows off the stitches!

i understand this on so many levels. so. many.

I LOVE knitting the first sock. So, I usually knit one sock, start another first sock, by that time I am usually ready to knit the second sock to match the first pair. Or sometimes I just wear the two different socks together. They are on your feet after all. Most people don't even see them (unless you wear see through shoes - which I do have a pair of).

But I LOVE handmade socks....it is like a hug for your feet.

I agree with Jackie - if you must, simply must start two pairs, do it in coordinating colors. Then you can wear both even if you don't finish the mate, and the singles aren't a matched pair!

I usually knit the first sock and then come back later to knit the second. I tend to get more pairs knit that way.

My husband is trying to teach me that many decisions we make don't have a real moral content (my mother sees a right and a wrong in every decision). Choosing to eat french fries instead of a tossed green salad for lunch is a bad nutritional decision, but it isn't a bad decision from a moral standpoint.

Who says your socks have to be matching pairs?! :)

It is all about the process. Who cares if you ever get the second sock done or not.
I sometimes do not get to the second sock for many months. And I have a few first sock in progress. Cheers!

Shame on you ;-) Just kidding... who am I to judge. I just knitted one sock claiming that it's practice for the Ravelympics!!! Have fun knitting your new pair of socks or sock ;-)

Choosing French fries isn't even necessarily a bad nutritional decision; it all depends on what else is in your diet, and your personal physiology. (I once knew a woman who got sick if she _didn't_ eat at least 8 oz of candy a day.) Knit all the single socks you want. Look at Socklady for someone who always knits pairs of non-matching socks.

Just combine the individual socks into pairs. Dobby from Harry Potter would approve. So much fun to watch peoples' reactions. Enjoy your socks no matter what others think!!!

Well, as I see it, there are two approaches.

1. One, leap frogging your socks, something I learned about from another blog. You start the cuff on one, then you start the cuff on the other. You can leap frog back and forth and "race" each sock to catch up or take the lead.

2. You can only knit single socks. Little Mismatched is a sock company that works on that idea - you get 3 socks in a set and they are similar but don't match. So, do it with handknits - resolve to wear mismatched socks from now on! :)

Happy casting on!