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Red lace :: a glimpse of knitting

A glimpse . . .

Here's photographic proof that I'm still knitting. I'm completely absorbed in this and another special project (or two) and will be back to share more about it all very soon. I've been nurturing some long-suppressed ambition and it's already been fruitful.

And I have a new header; now that I'm crocheting more, I figured it was time to honor that as well. Can you tell that I can't get enough red these days? I've got an "in-between" project to work on after I complete this lacy one -- and it's red too!

This quick blog entry is also a request for your feedback about my blog photos. Do you prefer the old method of smaller, "framed" photos or the newer one with larger photos that link to their corresponding Flickr pages? I have a preference - I'm just curious what my readers think.


I prefer the larger photos, but that's just me. Either way, they're lovely photos.

I like the smaller pictures with the frames... Hard to say why! Red is great and it's perfect at this time of the year!!! All the best with your projects!

What a lovely red! The yarn looks very soft too. Looking forward to seeing what it "grows up" to be!

Both ways of doing the photos are attractive, I like big photos, but the frames are nice too. I'm indecisive on this one.

Janet, it's looking beeeeautiful! Very excited to see the finished product. Red is in the air... Cool new header, too.

love the red!! and I also love the bigger photos (if I could figure out how to do them for my blog, I would). although, honestly, I didn't realize til you pointed it out that the big photos link to flickr. not helpful, I'm sure!

Your photography is beautiful either way. What kind of camera do you use?

There can never be enough red!

I think I prefer the framed photos, but only just - either way, you take lovely photos of your work.

Love, love the red, that yarn looks gorgeous.

I like the big images too and the linky thing is very cool but I really had a hard time deciding, I kept going back and forth.

I just bought some lovely red yarn that hasn't decided what it wants to be yet. Yours is inspiring. I really don't have any opinion about your photos...both ways are equally fine with me.

I like both... I think you do what YOU like..it's YOUR blog ;)

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Glad to see that you are still making time to knit. I know how life gets to be so busy and it seems knitting is the first thing to go. Can't wait to see what you are coming up with. And I love that you added your sock monkey on your banner. So cute!

The photos are lovely no matter what, but I like the framed ones. It's your blog, of course, so you should put whatever YOU like best!

I'm very curious about the red lace.

I like the smaller framed photos.

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Either way is great! :)

I still think you should write a book or now a picture book!!! Your photos are great but I do like the big ones--seems like I am closer to the project and can see its texture and color more.Love your blog...be true to yourself and do what you like!!!

Jessica :)

I LOVE the big pictures - they really show off the lusciousness of whatever you are working on. And I'm still waiting to see what that red lacy piece is becoming.

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