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Treasures no longer buried

Joyful, 1965

UPS delivered three boxes from my sister yesterday. One of the boxes had some amazing photos I'd never seen before. The photo of me was taken in Torrance or perhaps San Bernardino, sometime in 1965. I was excited to find the photos of myself, but even more so to find dozens of photos of my mom and her family dated much earlier than most that I have. I loved this one:

A new (old) batch of photos arrives

and this one:

Little Akiko

And still more to come - some amazing stuff


Oh MY!!Janet! Priceless treasures!!! Breathtaking images!! Love the one on the bridge!!! The eyes...expressions and being able to see the fish is impressive!! I can't wait to see more!!

what a wonderful package to receive. love the photos you shared

How very cool! So glad you got the pictures. :D

How wonderful!
That must have been the in haircut for little girls in 1965, because I had pretty much the same thing!

The one on the bridge is really cool, and I love the expression on the little girl at the tea table (your mom?).

What a fantastic find!!

Treasure is the word! Enjoy! I have chills for you!

What a treasure trove! I really love that exuberant picture of you

Lucky, lucky you. These are great. Have fun with all the photos.

Wow! The one with your mom at the table is absolutely priceless!

That's so awesome. I love to reminisce and see pictures of my family that I've never seen before. They seem to tell so much about them.

old family photos are always a treasure, and yours are wonderful!

Janet, I love the pictures. So much history and so much of a story in even just one of them! Aren't you lucky to have so many. Awesome!

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