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Jerri :: Stylespotting


Earlier this week, my sister Jerri launched her L.A.-based blog and channelzine: Stylespotting.com. Jerri's always had a gift for nailing trends and pop culture -- the zeitgeist -- or "spirit of the moment." She's focused on the details RIGHT NOW, while I, on the other hand, often mine our past for answers or gaze in to the future for inspiration. This new medium is the perfect showcase for Jerri's innate visual talents. I've always been amazed at her ability to analyze a room full of people, a dense magazine, or a film and share her micro view of style, accessories, mood, and fashion. And now it's here for others to experience - not just southern Californians, but those of us who wish for a glimpse in to that world occasionally. (If you're like me, you crave a glimpse in to that world every day).

While Jerri credits me for being her secret weapon, she's always been my first reader -- the one I have in mind when I write. Jerri won't allow me to quit or give up. Our currency these days is inspiration. Since we don't have the luxury of seeing each other in person, we share links and ideas in text messages and emails. It takes me back to our intense creative sessions in Norman, Oklahoma, on the days I would visit her at school to get a brief break from being a working single mom. We'd shop for beads (her) or books (me), step into Victoria's or Lovelight Bakery for something to eat, then head back to her place (an old Victorian apartment), where my clumsiness would usually result in a spilled tray of beads on her wood floor. It feels that way again, if only in a virtual sense. And I'm not spilling beads.

And now, since I can't visit L.A. in person very often, her blog is a wish come true. Lovelight is now Urth and Victoria's is Chin Chin on Sunset Blvd. We have a lot of memories of experiencing places together and she's the best guide for anybody who wants to experience it street-level. I hope you visit Stylespotting.com -- not just because she's my sister, but to get a glimpse of her immense talent and unique perspective.


What an adorable photo!! Reading stuff like this makes me wish I had a sister of my own. Thanks for the link to her site, very fun and funny stuff. I especially enjoyed the hair extension post. I will definitely be following her blog now.

Thanks for the link!

Love your sister's blog. It's really interesting. Thanks for let me know about it.

Like your sister's blog

I really like her blog, Janet. Is there some sort of blogging gene?

one of my favorite pics of you and Jerri!

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