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Remember the green scarf?

Leaf Lace Scarf knit with Malabrigo Lace from Spritely Goods

I knit this in 2008, inspired by the awesome green Malabrigo Lace that I purchased from Stephanie at Spritely Goods. I have an inexplicable weakness for the laceweight version of Malabrigo and it's the rare colors I covet. I scored one a few weeks ago (again, from Stephanie's site) and I'm going to use it to knit the very same scarf again.

Malabrigo Lace :: Polar Morn

Although it's a color I don't typically wear, I'm still dying to knit with it. My pattern, formerly a free download on Ravelry, is now for sale for $1.99. I tweaked the design, layout, and photo a little bit -- not so much to make major changes but to make my pattern Kindle™-friendly. Formerly, you couldn't view the lace chart on a Kindle™ but now you can -- just make sure you have the latest software release which gives the Kindle 2 native PDF capability. Naturally, you won't NEED a Kindle™ to view the pattern, but if you have one, you can store it there. Why $1.99? I hope to share more details about that in a few weeks. Most of my patterns are still free and they'll remain that way even after I make revisions to them. See? I told you I'm still knitting!


Kindle friendly? So cool. I really love this color and thanks for the sneak peek at the pattern. I'm so glad it's back on the market!

Beautiful color yarn! I can't wait to see the finished scarf.

I think you deserve the credit for you creation. $1.99 is a steal. :)

Hope you wore your green scarf today!

Yes, happy St-Patrick! The scarf is beautiful and I agree that 1.99$ is really a good compromise between your good work and a bargain for us!

This colour's so lovely.

Pretty pattern and $1.99 is a bargain. I love the idea that you can view it on a Kindle, I wish more patterns were Kindle friendly!

I do remember your scarf, its lovely! You should sell the patterns as they take time to create. (I still want a KIndle!!)

Love that shade of blue. I have my eyes on Paris Night for a sweater. I just have to find someone who actually has enough in stock!

Wow so beautiful! Polar morn is my most favorite Mal colorway. I'm excited to see your new scarf.

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