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Spring and Scarves

Happy Spring! It's been gorgeous here in SE Texas and everything is starting to bloom. I love seeing the fat little robins every morning and everything is looking so fresh and green.

Leaf Lace Scarf - Knit Picks Independent Designer Program

I can finally share the project I alluded to in this entry last month. It's another version, slightly revised, of the Leaf Lace Scarf. For this scarf, I used the new Knit Picks Shadow Lace Tonal in the Gypsy colorway. It was really lovely yarn and my first time knitting with their lace weight merino. I'd use it again in a heartbeat.

Leaf Lace Scarf II

The pattern can be purchased from Knit Picks or via Ravelry. They're both downloads, so whichever one you choose, you can cast on right away!

When I sent my finished red scarf to Knit Picks, I knew I'd have to wait for the release of the new tonal yarns before my pattern would show up on the site, so I cast on for a scarf I could wear right away. I knit the Spring Festival Scarf with Noro Sekku, their lace weight (or more appropriately -- cobweb) self-striping yarn, it's a light and airy spring/summer scarf. You really do have to love Noro to enjoy this yarn though. The thick/thin slubs are a challenge with yarn overs and one has to be really okay with imperfection. It was worth it for me - I love wearing this scarf.

Noro Sekku :: Spring Festival

The pattern is also available for purchase and download via Ravelry. If you knit one of these new scarves, I'd love to see it!


Yay! Congratulations!

As always, you make beauty, and that goes for the scarf AND the person in these pictures.

Beautiful! I love the photos..

Oh my goodness, it's so beautiful, as are you.

These two scarfs are beautiful! The colors are really standing out! Great pictures! Have a great weekend!

Love the scarves, great photo!

I love the scarves!! I love the red one (hint hint!)! I had to look at your picture for a little while......is that Janet or Erica.....the resemblance is uncanny!

Oh thats great news about the scarf and it looks lovely in the tonal yarns. I do like th ered one too!

Congratulations! The scarves are beautiful, and the photos are great!

Gorgeous, both!

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I love to read a blog where, when I fall in love with pattern I can just go right to it from the sidebars and not go to a pattern page. Sidebars look great! I am also a loyal Knit Picks customer. Love their yarn. Would love to knit your pattern with their yarn. Thanks.