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Anne .:. A little crochet in my day

Occasionally, there are those days when, if you're really tense and anxious, picking up knitting needles might not be a good idea. But crochet? That's altogether a different thing . . . you can channel that nervous energy into a quick little something to make you feel happy and accomplished, and ultimately, a bit more relaxed. And happy. Did I mention happy?

Janet's "Anne"
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From start to finish, this scarf took less than 3 hours. Included in that time were some false starts while I figured out the pattern. Crochet is fast, y'all! And with the exception of reading and eating, I'm not fast at much.

Janet's "Anne"

This is an awesome pattern - it looks quite intricate, but it's actually a lot of "chain x then turn" and while it's possible I did these motifs incorrectly, at least I was consistent. The next photo shows the actual color of the yarn -- more of a teal blue than it appears in the first two photos:

Janet's "Anne"

I now want to crochet one in ALL my favorite colors -- and perhaps a few of your favorite colors too!

PS Go check out Chica's blog entry with the cherry blossom photos. AWESOME!


Knitting in teal is also a good idea! I think that knitting in a color or colors I like always make me feel good! Cute scarf!

I love this scarf. So pretty!

c'est un modèle ravissant tout en délicatesse et d'une superbe couleur

this is lovely. now, i need to learn to crochet!

Oh wow, you made all that in three hours! Beautiful.

Lovely! I've got this scarf in my Ravelry favorites but need to learn to crochet better before I try it. :)

What a beautiful accent piece and created in less than 3 hours. I'll have to try to make one. Magnificent!

I am loving this scarf and can totally see it in a creamy color. Very anthro-like. I may even pick up a crochet hook... Yikes!

Simply devine!

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