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Knitting & Crochet Blog Week

It's been a while since I've shared how I started knitting, so Knitting & Crochet Blog Week is a perfect reason to do so.

In mid-December 2003, I was trying to decide what to get my mother for Christmas. Since her birthday is in early December, and she's notoriously difficult to buy for, I was stumped. She always tells me she doesn't want/need anything, but this time, she mentioned that she would like some dishcloths -- the kind my sister Jayne used to buy for her at craft fairs. Rather than trying to look for them in my new hometown, I decided to try to knit them for her myself. I'd been exposed to knitting when I was in Girl Scouts in elementary school, but other than that, had not picked up knitting needles in over thirty years. So, on that mid-December morning, as I was chatting online with a friend, I mentioned my desire to knit something for my mom. She immediately dispatched several links to videos, websites and books. Shortly after that, I left for Walmart to buy some Boye knitting needles and kitchen cotton.

If you thought I didn't take a photo of my knitting that day, you'd be wrong:

FIRST knitting - December 2003

I was in a groove and completely obsessed. At the time, I didn't have the basic dishcloth pattern that I would eventually use as my go-to pattern, so I just knit "square-ish" cloths. After I sent them to my mom (she loved them and used them -- I found them years later when we were clearing out her kitchen for her move to Washington), I looked online for some local knitting groups and when I didn't find one, I started one. We met at a nearby Starbucks and thanks to the listing of our group online, several experienced and proficient knitters showed up -- their amazing projects in hand. One particular knitter brought something new each week -- a Booga bag, multidirectional scarf, socks (!!), gorgeous lace shawls. I've blogged about Mariann before; she inspired me to move beyond dishcloths. If not for her, that's where my knitting career would have ended. She was adamant that I learn how to purl and convinced me that every knitted object I fell in love with was simply a combination of knit and purl stitches; so naturally, I started buying more yarn, better tools and some basic knitting books -- all purchased online. One evening, she brought a flyer for a new shop that was opening in February, 2004. Since I was ordering my yarn online, I doubted I would ever need to go to a yarn shop (HA!), but made a mental note of it anyway. Before the year was over, I was working there, as were Mariann and Alisa, both members of that first knitting group (and much more experienced knitters than I).

Scarf for Mariann
The scarf I knit for Mariann in 2004, in appreciation for her putting up with me

I credit working there for my growth as a knitter. There are so many things I wouldn't have attempted if I hadn't seen my friends and fellow knitters doing them first. With rare exception, I am still that way in my knitting habits -- I'm not apt to experiment. There are group projects we've worked on over the years to celebrate milestones in our respective families and I've learned something with each one of those big projects.

When Ravelry came along in 2007, I finally had a place to organize all my projects along with all the photos I'd taken of my knitting. Between Flickr and Ravelry, I now have complete documentation of my knitting career.

I hope you join along in Knitting and Crochet Blog Week! I'd love to hear about your beginnings too.



Wow, you didn't know how to do it so you started a group? : ) Brilliant! I would never have the guts! And look how it worked out - amazing! : )

How fun to read about your knitting background! That's so cool that you started your own group, too!

What a great story -- love it!

You are one fearless knitter. Kudos to you! :o)

I decided to join in! Thanks for sharing! It's a great story!

What a great story! To start up your own group before you'd managed the basics... I hope others are inspired by your tenacity! How neat that you ended up working in a yarn shop. Heaven!!!

It's so true that the community of knitters really gets a lot of credit for inspiring us to keep on crafting. That's a great story! And for your first project, that's some pretty good looking garter stitch. :)

Loved the story.

It is usually presents for family that get us started. I started knitting because I had started a phone job 10 years ago and a who sat next to me was knitting and I asked her to show me. My first project was a blanket for my mom. It has been uphill since then. :)

How cool that you took pictures of your first project! That's some amazing foresight right there, lady. :)

What a great story! Thank you for sharing it.

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