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Knitting & Crochet Blog Week

Today's topic for Knitting and Crochet Blog Week is "An Inspirational Pattern" -- something we aspire to knit or a pattern that inspires us. For me - this is easy to answer. I'm completely inspired by Christel Seyfarth of Denmark, specifically her Shawl Kits. I absolutely love the Masai shawl. Her designs are unique; although I don't necessarily see myself wearing any of them, I would certainly display them.

I've never done any color work or Fair Isle knitting, so that's a serious knowledge and skill gap that I'd have to overcome before I could attempt such an ambitious project.

Other inspirational designers are Vivian Hoxbro and Hanne Falkenberg. Their designs are probably more in the realm of possibility for my abilities, but their kits would still be an investment and a commitment. Because most of the designs are in kit form, I'd have no alternate use for the yarns, so I'd have to make sure I was up to it before buying one. In looking up some of the other designs that I find inspiring, it's interesting that a lot of them are Scandinavians.

I'll probably think about many other designers and patterns after I press "publish" -- and I can't wait to see what my fellow knitters and crocheters find inspirational. Even if you're not participating in the Knitting & Crochet Blog Week, let me know in the comments what your most inspirational project would be.



Oooh! I wasn't familiar with that Masai shawl. It's a stunner! And it's not true that you haven't done colorwork. I think the square you did on the sheep afghan had intarsia, no?

My inspirational pattern is this japanese one:


I'm not sure it'd even be wearable for me, but the idea of working from a pattern in another language would be a huge challenge. I even have that booklet--just haven't cracked it yet.

Interesting... I didn't know Hanne Falkenberg. You're right quite inspiring.

There are some seriously insanely inspiring designers and projects. Designer-Heather Losinsky- and the central park hoodie she designed. This hoodie is going to be one of my projects for 2010. Thea- babycocktails has some amazing sweaters I would like to try. I have not knitted lace and have had my eye on the Woodland Shawl on Ravelry.

Would love to see some Fair Isle knitting from you.

Color work and Fair Isle are also among my short (or not so short) term goals. It is so beautiful! I think that mittens, socks or baby clothes would be a good place to start! Look forward to seeing yours!

The shawl looks SO out of my league! But thanks for introducing me to HF. I love her designs! Maybe someday I could Plisse!

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