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Thank you for your suggestions

Thank you for your suggestions and feedback about my blog sidebar! I agreed with most of the criticisms and am in the process of making a few changes -- see? ---->

I really appreciate your taking the time to give me your thoughts. I've been fighting a lot of comment spam the last several months and it's interfered with my ability to read and reply to legitimate comments. So I'm hoping to eventually deal with that too. Some of the suggestions you shared were for features that are typically found on Blogspot blogs. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to add some of those cool widgets to a Movable Type blog. When things calm down, there might be more substantial changes - perhaps even a new blogging platform.

This past week, I spent some time finishing up a couple of knitting and crochet projects that haven't made it into Ravelry -- a hat for charity along with a few crocheted tawashi. I also spent some time cleaning up my queue and attempted to match stash yarn with queued projects. The truth of the matter? I fear that I have far more queued items than time to knit and crochet them. I'll try anyway.

This week's flowers
This week's fresh flowers are from the supermarket;
since a few were needed for Administrative Professionals Day, I kept some for myself


You should have flowers for yourself! And I'm with ya on queue - definitely need more knitting hours in the day :-)

Ah, I've been thinking about Spring cleaning my blog too. At least one of us did it!

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