April 28, 2010

Anne II .:. The White Version

Newest Anne Scarf
Details are the same as the previous Anne, except for yarn choice
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Kim, of Chronic Ennui, crocheted a lovely cream-colored wool version of this scarf, so I was compelled upon seeing hers to go forward with my plans to crochet a 100% cotton Anne for myself. I'm so glad I did - I love this one even more than my first Anne and can wear this comfortably all summer.

Initially, I started mine with a 5.00 mm hook. I wasn't getting the result I wanted -- which was a really dense and stiff motif -- so I switched to a 4.00 mm hook. Although it turned out exactly how I had envisioned it, my left arm's a bit sore today.

The yarn is Blue Sky Alpacas Cotton - this particular one isn't one of the dyed cottons, however, so it's 100% organic. There's some shedding, but not a substantial amount. It's actually very soft -- and that makes up for any difficulties I had with it. One skein yielded about 54". While it's not as long as other scarves I own, by the time I crocheted the last motif, I was ready to be done anyway. In that respect, it's just the right length.

When I was reading Kim's Ravelry page for her scarf, I noticed that she used a free pattern. The patterns we each used are very similar, but the MK Caroll version I purchased has excellent diagrams in the format I like the best -- the diagram is next to the written instructions. That way, if I don't understand the written instructions, I can refer to the diagram to check myself:

Anne_Chart_CAN-US-2.pdf (page 1 of 4)
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If you're inspired to make one of your own, consider this a nudge -- it's easier than it looks!

April 13, 2010

Anne .:. A little crochet in my day

Occasionally, there are those days when, if you're really tense and anxious, picking up knitting needles might not be a good idea. But crochet? That's altogether a different thing . . . you can channel that nervous energy into a quick little something to make you feel happy and accomplished, and ultimately, a bit more relaxed. And happy. Did I mention happy?

Janet's "Anne"
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From start to finish, this scarf took less than 3 hours. Included in that time were some false starts while I figured out the pattern. Crochet is fast, y'all! And with the exception of reading and eating, I'm not fast at much.

Janet's "Anne"

This is an awesome pattern - it looks quite intricate, but it's actually a lot of "chain x then turn" and while it's possible I did these motifs incorrectly, at least I was consistent. The next photo shows the actual color of the yarn -- more of a teal blue than it appears in the first two photos:

Janet's "Anne"

I now want to crochet one in ALL my favorite colors -- and perhaps a few of your favorite colors too!

PS Go check out Chica's blog entry with the cherry blossom photos. AWESOME!