April 02, 2010

Lucy Bag :: Felted

Lucy Bag
Pattern: Lucy, Two Old Bags

This has long been one of the most popular felted bag patterns at the shop and although several friends of mine had knit them over the years, I wasn't especially inspired until this Cascade 220 color came in to the shop:

Cascade 220 Birch Heather
Cascade 220, Birch Heather

I love this golden color with bits of red in it. I've since seen it knit here and here and it's confirmed my hopeless attraction to all the Cascade 220 Heathers. I wasn't sure that I could (or would) wear a garment in this color, but knitting a bag was a great opportunity to experience it.

Thank you all so much for the comments you've left on my previous entries about my new scarf patterns, the sheep afghan we knit for Shelley, my sister's new blog, and the entry about my lost uncle. You all are very kind and generous and I appreciate your sticking with me while I went through a bit of a lull in posting blog entries. Lots of stuff was going on behind the scenes -- some knitting-related, some not -- and it's kept me away more than I'd like. But I love blogging and sharing with you and I'm looking forward to revealing a lot of fun projects in the days and weeks ahead.

What's been up with you? What are you knitting? What are you reading?