August 28, 2007

De-ruffled and redone :: SURSA

De-ruffled and Redone:



I knit my first Sursa in my favorite NORO SIlk Garden Colorway (84) and loved it and wore it many times. Since knitting my second Sursa, I decided to take off the green ruffle on my first Sursa. I love it both ways, but the de-ruffled version weighs much less and the ruffle won't be the most prominent thing about the shawl any longer. I had forgotten how much of the Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky I had used -- nearly 100 grams. Probably not the best idea to use that particular yarn, but I loved the green so much. And now the wonderful reds in the Silk Garden seem to pop so much more.

Are you on Ravelry yet?

Ravelry has proven to be a wonderful resource for project management and planning. It's delightful to get reacquainted with my finished projects and my wonderful stash. When I dig through my yarns to take photos, I find that I am the happiest when I play with my sock yarns. (Do you think my stash is trying to tell me something)? I probably wouldn't have taken note of it had I not just read this entry on Grumperina's (Kathy's) blog: A Complete Knitter. I'm not ready yet to say I'm not a sweater knitter -- I think I still might be. But I don't get as excited about my sweater yarns as I do my sock yarns. And also . . . while I love the *idea* of lace knitting (and have the lace patterns and yarn to prove it), the reality of lace is that my lifestyle doesn't lend itself to the intense concentration that's required. And the message from the knit-universe seems to be that simply ASKING lace knitters for help will likely be met with an incredulous, "Oh that's so easy," (not for me) or "you should be able to do that" (I'm not). I no longer have anybody nearby who is willing to help me with my knitting -- lace or otherwise. I'm supposed to figure it out on my own. But I know that I know socks -- thanks to good friends and the internet.

And did you hear? I won something! I commented regarding the lovely sock yarn Brenda had on her blog and -- I WON THAT YARN!! How generous of Brenda (thank you!) to enable my shameful commenting and greed. It's a wonderful colorway that I think was meant for me and I said so. Thank you, Brenda! Go check out her blog, Molecular Knitting, and add her to your reads. She posts great cocktails made by her beloved "M." I rarely drink, but now I know where to go if I want to try to mix something fun. And there's knitting too . . . and sometimes beading.

Speaking of blogging, I came across a great entry regarding blogging: Remedies for the Small Blogger Blues. Some background: I had unwisely allowed myself to get sucked into reading what became an unpleasant thread on a message board regarding blogging. This blog entry was a refreshing reminder about where my focus should be. Read it and then go ahead and click over to the one about "branding."

I'm still trying to get in to a groove now that school's started. I don't have as much open-ended time as I thought I would, but I am making an effort to work on my goals -- even if it's just thirty minutes a day. During the school year, that will add up to 5400 minutes of FOCUSED effort towards something I want to achieve. I don't know if that's as interesting to you as it is to me . . . but, WOW . . . 5400 minutes.

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August 23, 2007

Finished and nearly so

I have a finished knit that I wasn't able to show here until my mom received it. Since she often gets chilly, I knit her a Sursa (Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton, Book 2) with NORO Silk Garden, Color 241. I knit it without a ruffle this time.


Erica was here this week and we caught up on some shopping. She can shop anytime and anywhere, and for me, it's something I have to mentally prepare for. We had a great time and also managed to fit in haircuts (both of us) and highlights.


Having another woman in the house changes the energy level and focus considerably. She's been interested in hair, makeup and clothes since she was able to walk and talk. So, once again, I have had somebody who wants to be with me in the bathroom when I put on my makeup and fix my hair. I've missed it. And while I tend to prefer to wear my favorite jeans and a t-shirt (the extent of my thought is which of three t-shirts I want to wear) everyday, it's not unusual for Erica to change her outfit at least three times before she makes a final decision. And that's not a bad thing . . . it's just different.

And because I've been in a state of near-panic over the realization that Christmas is a mere 4 months away (thanks, Nora), I've been making lists like crazy in attempt to feel less scattered. While I usually don't plan to knit many Christmas gifts, I have several December and January birthdays to think about. Capturing my plans on paper has helped.

Finally, not all of the knitting blogs I read are on my sidebar, but I'm working on adding them. Please do me a favor and leave me a comment and let me know your favorite knitting and creativity blogs. There might be prizes involved again.

September 28, 2005

"Sursa" Shawl - Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton


Pattern: "Sursa" Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Book #2
Yarn: NORO Silk Garden Color #84 & Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky "Limeade" (yarn and pattern purchased at Twisted Yarns in Spring, Texas)

I knit according to the pattern with the exception of the ruffle. Two strands of the NORO Silk Garden are held together and knit and I did NOT try to match the yarn strands -- I wanted the effect of two contrasting colors held together (which is what the pattern calls for). I did my ruffle increases on the knit side (and not the purl side directed in the pattern). I did more increases (M1 - invisible increases) in order to make the ruffle more "ruffle-y." Had I had access to some shocking green Cash Iroha, I would have used that instead of the Bulky Lamb's Pride. This is an excellent advanced beginner's project, and in my opinion, you should spring for the NORO Silk Garden. It's amazing to knit.

Ravelry details can be found here.