Rescue Beauty Lounge : Insouciant

RBL : Insousciant

Rescue Beauty Lounge: Insouciant and Zealana possum (blend) mini-skein of yarn. Both courtesy of SoKnitPicky

While my humble little point-and-shoot failed to capture the true color of either the nail color or the yarn, I’m obsessed with this grayish purple color and am on the lookout for clothes and yarn in this wonderful color. My favorite thing, however, is the meaning behind the name of the color. Perfect.

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16 thoughts on “Rescue Beauty Lounge : Insouciant”

  1. Does the color of your nails impede your knitting? Are the stitches more difficult to see? Heh, heh! Yes, I know I’m silly! Love the color of both the yarn & the polish!

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