A corner of my world

A corner of my world
Two things I’ve missed: working at the yarn shop and taking photos with my phone.

This month marked my third time working this month since having taken several weeks off. It was great to reconnect with co-workers and customers and . . . yarn! But several things happened today that reaffirmed for me that people don’t always come in for solutions with their knitting issues, or to just shop for yarn — but to have somebody listen and understand. It’s easy to feel isolated when we’re struggling with difficult situations, and I think it helps to seek companionship and to share what we’re going through.

Last week, I got my first iPhone and I’m thrilled to be able to take decent photos with my cell phone again! I was already familiar with the iPhone’s interface — I got a Touch last year for my birthday. But I never thought I’d want it all in one package — until now. I love that my calendar and contacts are perfectly in synch with what’s on my MacBook.

I have several posts in draft mode and so much to share with you all. Thank you all for sticking around and sharing my world.

7 thoughts on “A corner of my world

  1. And we thank you for sharing so much! You are one smart & beautiful cookie…not to mention a real tech-head! Oh yeah, put a pic of Charlie out there–I bet he is growing!

  2. Thanks for your lovely post. You are always a good listener, whether in your shop or on your blog. Enjoy your grandson. We will be here when you get the time to post.
    xo carol

  3. I am trying to catch up on my blog reading, and saw this. Yes, sometimes we just need someone to listen. I am really missing TY for that aspect. I always appreciated TY when I was there, but I appreciate it even more now. TY has a unique atmosphere that is very hard to find anywhere else.

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