May 14

Sephora OPI : What’s Your Point-settia?

Sephora OPI : What's Your Point-settia

And yes, it’s a holiday color: I first used it during the holidays last year, and never got a chance to blog it. But I was in the mood for red fingernails last week and almost turned to Bogota Blackberry, which never fails me because it looks good with everything. Instead, this little beauty of a polish — a deep red with flecks of red and gold — came back into my life. While my photo’s not the best, if you look closely at the bottle, you can see the gold shimmer.

Coming soon: A “kitchen sink” post in which I attempt to share all my updates at once instead of trying to make time to write separate posts.



  1. It’s funny how you describe doing a “kitchen sink” post! I have been contemplating doing the same thing, I haven’t done a post in so long. I blame the college gurlz moving back with allllll of their gear. I have been patching drywall, painting, and trying to cleanse my house of books, papers, and clothes. Why is it so hard to give up books you haven’t yet read, after having them for years??? Argh!

  2. KarenD says:

    Eh, no one (except perhaps a crazy nail lady) will know it’s a holiday color if you don’t tell them. 🙂

  3. SoKnitpicky says:

    I agree with Karen. Plus, you can make any day a holiday!

  4. Janet, have you seen the new-ish Texas theme colors from OPI? they were publicised in our local paper. Austin-tatious Turquoise (geddit?), Houston We Have A Purple, I Vant to be Alone-Star, etc., etc.,

    Love your blog, love those scarfs. You are the prettiest Grandmother I’ve ever seen.


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