Jun 17

Butter London : All Hail the Queen

Butter London : All Hail the Queen

This little gem of a color has been on my “must try” list for a while and not only did I finally find my camera card and card reader, this dropped into my life the same day. Kismet.

Have I mentioned that Butter London is becoming my favorite brand? I love the colors, the names, the formula. You can even see remnants of my previous Butter London color, Artful Dodger — a beautiful teal.

Check out All Hail the Queen (formerly All Hail McQueen – a nod to designer Alexander McQueen) at Product Girl, All Lacquered Up, and Temptalia.

1 comment

1 comment!

  1. SoKnitpicky says:

    Lovely! The holo is subtle but there. You should swatch it next to Mochachino to compare. The latter is sort of a cooler-toned, none holo version, IMO.


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