Jan 04

Charlie’s Christmas Hat

Charlie's Hat

I love knitting hats and Charlie looks really cute wearing them, so he’s building quite a collection. When I needed a stranded knitting refresher, I pulled out the pattern I used when I was first learning and adapted it to the basic hat pattern I always use. The stitch count worked out perfectly and both Erica and Charlie liked his hat:

Charlie's Hat

(My own hat pattern with this chart)

I hate to jinx myself by even mentioning it, but I’ve had a lot of self discipline in sticking to a reasonable number of WIPs (works in progress). And so far this year (ha!) I’ve managed to knit every single day — even if it’s just a few rows. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve stopped myself from buying more yarn by reminding myself that I can consider it only when something moves from “in progress” to “completed.” Yet I still continue to tempt myself by browsing Ravelry and adding items to my queue and my favorites. One thing is certain — between Ravelry and Pinterest, I have insurance against sudden loss of inspiration. Speaking of Pinterest, if you would like an invitation, please let me know and I’ll send you one!



  1. Jessica says:

    That hat is just adorable! So cute!

    And I would love a Pinterest invite if you don’t mind. It seems like a lovely site to use (I keep coming across it via StumbleUpon).

  2. gail says:

    What a beautiful hat and beautiful boy! I wish I could pinch those cheeks!

  3. RoseRed says:

    That is a very cute hat on an extremely cute little boy!

  4. Alisa says:

    Oh my goodness! Both Erica and Charlie are beautiful. Love, love, love the hat and that picture! Also, I would love an invite. Not sure I will know what to do when I get one, but I bet you’ll be able to show me. Thanks.

  5. Maryse says:

    This is the cutest hat and baby! Lovely!

  6. Jerri says:

    I could just cry! This makes me miss you guys so so much – and my little heart aches when I see this little guy.

    And the hat is ADORABLE. Nice work, Janet.

    Love and miss you all…

  7. erin says:

    Charlie is so cute! Love the red hat too.

  8. oh gosh, cute hat on the cutest little head. Congrats on both!

  9. SoKnitpicky says:

    I love those cheeks! (Though I suspect they look way cuter on Charlie than they would on me, LOL!)

  10. Grace says:

    That hat is so adorable!

    Could I get an Pintrest invite. it sounds like a lot of fun.


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