Apr 19

The Obviousness

One class. One class is all I’m taking and yet, with this new addition to my routine, it’s been a massive time management challenge — albeit a good one. I’m closing in on the last few weeks of school and have really enjoyed this class and looking forward to more in the summer and in the fall.

I could make the usual excuses for not blogging, but I won’t — I just haven’t made it a priority. I do miss it! I’m making a list of things I want (and need) to do as soon as school is out . . . and remembering that feeling of anticipation I used to have as a kid looking forward to the last day of school. It’s almost as good as the anticipation of the FIRST day of school. (I’m weird, I know).

There will be:

Knitting, reading, writing, manicures, pedicures, crochet, lunches with friends, visits to the dentist, doctor (I’m committed now), painting some rooms, deep cleaning . . .

Who knew that just one class could be so all-consuming!?

(I’m making a hard-won A as of this writing . . . so the energy and time investment is paying off)



  1. Stacey says:

    WOOHOOO!!!! That is GREAT! And yes, it will be a well deserved break! You go girl!! So proud of you.

  2. SoKnitpicky says:

    Cheerleading you on! We’ll celebrate when you’re done!

  3. carol says:

    A job well done! Yay for you! Before you know it, you will be through; WITH a new degree!

  4. Maryse says:

    Enjoy this break! Your plans look perfect to me!

  5. LynneW says:

    Hurray for You!!! I’m so proud of you for persevering. Never fear, we’ll be here when you have time. But for now, enjoy the rest of your class and your daydreams for the break.

  6. I love the Selbu mittens as well. I have an old Selbu pattern I knit over 20 years ago while I was visiting my grandmother in Norway. I think I will dig it out and put it on my blogsite. It’s what I’ve always considered a “traditional” Norwegian pattern: great graphs with just a few lines of instruction. 🙂


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