Oct 05

Wooly app

Don’t let my blog absence fool you — there’s a lot going on behind the scenes; it’s just that most of it isn’t knitting blog fodder. But all is well! I’m interacting more heavily on Twitter right now because I’m away from my computer more than usual — follow me on Twitter if you wish!

I hardly remember the last time I was able to knit a few stitches — it’s probably been weeks! But when I need a reminder of what I have on the needles (when the inevitable urge to start something new strikes), or what I want to knit (my queue), or take a quick peek at my stash (or to “shop” my stash), I use one of my favorite apps: Wooly.

Some of what I’ll share is redundant, because other knitters have reviewed Wooly. However, Wooly’s creators are listening to feedback and incorporating our suggestions, and some features might have been enhanced since you last checked it out.

Wooly accesses your Ravelry notebook, so you will have to be a member of Ravelry to use the app. And while you won’t have all the queue editing capabilities within Wooly, you’ll be able to access your projects, queue, and stash.

When I want to show my projects to somebody, the Wooly app is my favorite way to do that — all my project photos are there:

Wooly App - Project: Ann II

Screenshot for one of my projects; you can click the image to view more photos (if there’s more than one)

As for the stash feature — I think this is one of my favorite uses of Wooly. Even though I have yet to finish adding all of my stash, the most robust feature of Wooly (in my opinion) is this one.

I can sort by weight, yarn company, color family, or the default (which appears to be the order in which you added items to your Ravelry stash — the yarn you’ve had the longest is what appears first).

Of course, I love sorting by color:

Wooly App screenshot - My Stash

My stash sorted by color

. . . and by yarn company:

Wooly App - Stash sorted by yarn company

My stash sorted by yarn company
(I need to knit some of that Malabrigo)!

The one feature I don’t use very often is the “Friends” feature. It lists all my Ravelry friends alphabetically by Ravelry ID. On an iPhone, the corresponding alphabet letters on the right are super tiny and I can’t usually target the right letter – just the general vicinity. Here’s what happened when I tried to hit “S”:

Wooly app - friends feature

It’s super difficult to hit the correct letter on an iPhone!

A recently-added feature is the ability to update some fields of existing projects, including notes related to the project, so I try to add a lot of information to my project page in order to access that information later. But if all else fails, a great place to put information is the “notes” portion of your project page in Wooly.

A recent rumor is that there’s another update coming . . . I can’t wait!

Next up: another indispensable iPhone app to use with Ravelry.




  1. SoKnitpicky says:

    I hadn’t played around with the updated version yet, so this is good to know! Thank you!

    As an aside, I’ve liked the Starbucks integration into Passbook. Target’s is not so well done. I might try out Fandango this weekend 😉

  2. carol says:

    Now I’m really wishing I had an IPhone!!!!

  3. Kristen says:

    I’m going to have to give this a try! (glad you’re not giving up on blogging altogether!)

  4. Jerri says:

    What a cool app!

  5. RoseRed says:

    Oh, that looks like a great app! Getting it now!

  6. I couldn’t resist… an app for knitting?! 🙂

  7. Dave says:

    Hey, Wooly is geared up for a MAJOR update. And we want to get Wooly on iPad.
    Please consider supporting our efforts.




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