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Golding Drop Spindle with Frabjous Fibers "Iris" BFL

Golding Drop Spindle with Frabjous Fibers “Iris” BFL

Spinning with a drop spindle has been a long-time goal, but the process eluded me for a while. Every time I picked up and tried to use drop spindle on my own, I was a little bit perplexed. It turns out that when I was thinking I was spinning in one direction, I’d inadvertently spin the opposite way, taking out all the twist. The actual spinning part was okay — but like a lot of things in my life lately, it took somebody watching me to tell me what I was doing wrong. And it was so simple — I was making yarn and then un-making it, and being consistently inconsistent.

The Craftsy course I took a few months ago helped me get started and it will be a great reference when I’m ready to figure out how to “finish” my yarn.

I like it though — and have the potential to LOVE it. It’s a different way to engage with fiber and drop spindles are portable. The fiber I used is Frabjous Fibers hand-dyed Blue Faced Leicester (BFL) and the spindle is a basic solid cherry Golding. The park and draft method is working the best for me right now. And the best advice I got was to NOT use merino roving as a beginner. Using the BFL made all the difference for me.

And most importantly — if you have the tools and some fiber — just try it!

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1 comment!

  1. Lolly says:

    I just learned how to spin on a drop spindle.. it’s so addictive!


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