Focus on the GOOD

As of July 1, I am the new owner of Twisted Yarns in Spring, Texas. I’m thrilled to be working with my friends and spending time with customers I’ve known for years.

Twisted Yarns

Life threw a lot at me the past four months, but I’m learning that I can survive really hard things — and that I can choose what to focus on and celebrate and appreciate the things that give me hope. Over the years, Twisted Yarns has been haven, escape, and inspiration for me. It was the vision of the previous owners, Eve and Shelley, to create a welcoming community of fiber lovers. That will remain my core focus and goal, with the added imperative to have fun!

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26 thoughts on “Focus on the GOOD”

  1. Hurray for you! Following your dreams is always a good thing. I wish you personal satisfaction and professional success, however you may define them both.

  2. I’m so, so late with my comment. so much to catch up!
    Congratulations! How happy to hear that my friend now owns Twisted yarns, my HGYSF (home-ground-yarn-store-forever) !

    Do you ship internationally, by the way? (:D)

  3. I’m kind of starstruck by your sritped shawl designs anyway (I’ve made five now I think!) but making them available as kits with such a great yarn dyer is fantastic! Now I can give them as gifts without even having to do the knitting!!!!! Bring on 4 pm…

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