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Dec 07

RBL : Aqua Lily

Before we dive in to my nail polish post, I have to warn you that Rescue Beauty Lounge Aqua Lily is sold out! Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way:

RBL: Aqua Lily

RBL: Aqua Lily

When I first starting painting my nails again, I was focused on finding the perfect red, the perfect nude, and later, the perfect green. Blues and purples never really entered my consciousness until very recently. But lately, blue polishes are all I think about! And this one is a winner. Aqua Lily is a wonderful, imaginative blue (think turquoise, marine blue) and looks great with nearly everything.

Aqua Lily is originally from Rescue Beauty Lounge’s inaugural Fan Collection. Aqua Lily debuted as part of a set of four polishes created in response to Ji’s 2011 call for submissions from her ReBeL fans. The four “winners” were then created based on the winning color stories of the finalists and they debuted in the first quarter of 2012. I wasn’t keeping up with the excitement back then (probably struggling to stay afloat in my Biology class), so I missed out on Aqua Lily before it sold out (quickly). Apparently, it was an oft-requested “bring it back” (BIB) color — it made the most recent BIB cut and as always, newsletter subscribers got in on the fun first and were given the opportunity to pre-order their favorite BIB shades. Score!

Confession: before I resurrected my love of nail color, I coveted a trip (someday) to Ji Baek’s posh Manhattan nail ‘spa’, Rescue. For years, I carried around a late 1990s or early 2000s Allure magazine clipping with a list a “must-go” spas in NYC. It was on my bucket list! Although Ji closed Rescue, it allowed her to shift her focus exclusively to her nail polish line.

I don’t jump on many bandwagons, but I’m a really big fan of RBL for Ji’s commitment to her formula — her nail polishes are cruelty-free, and contain no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP, or Toluene. But the thing I love most is that her collection of shades is so small. It seems counterintuitive at first, but I love her color stories and the fact that so much thought and love goes into each color. I’m okay with small color runs and limited edition shades (as long as I’m a newsletter subscriber, I’ll know about the shortages and popularity of a color and can decide what to do)! I’ll probably only order one RBL a year, but it’ll be because I love it.

I’ll close with saying that I hate to feature a nail color that you might not be able to get your hands (ha) on, but the next Fan Collection is right around the corner (early 2013) and you will want to get in on it early!

Aug 25

Nail Color of the Week: RBL Santa Fe

GOMM: Santa Fe & Shibui sock yarn in Pagoda

RBL GOMM Nail Lacquer in “Santa Fe” and Shibui sock yarn in Pagoda

I had the chance to try what’s going to be my newest addition to Top Five Favorite Nail Colors. It’s Rescue Beauty Lounge’s (RBL’s) Santa Fe from the GOMM collection. One clue that it’s going to be a favorite color is finding a complementary yarn in a similar shade. I haven’t bought the Shibui yarn yet, but isn’t it pretty?

I’m not changing my nail color anywhere close to once a week (when I wear polish at all), but I’m still a nail polish fan! In less than 72 hours, I’ll be back in class (Texas History and Creative Writing this semester), and I’m catching up on some of my overdue blogging in anticipation of being even more preoccupied (offline) than usual. So you can probably expect my nail color blog entries to be infrequent through the end of the semester.

Aug 21

OPI : Mermaid’s Tears and a winner

OPI : Mermaid's Tears

I knew when I saw Mermaid’s Tears that I would love it – and I do! I was inspired after seeing it here, here and here. Nobody is more surprised than I am that my favorite nail polish colors have all been shades that I would have avoided a couple of years ago. I was very conservative in my color choices then and only bought nudes and shades of red, until a quest for Chanel Particuliere led me to Paradoxal. But Particuliere was completely sold out that day and Paradoxal had just arrived, so that came home with me instead. And while I love it, the nail polishes that cost considerably less than Chanel have been awesome. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by many $2 and $3 polish finds. And because most of what I buy (as far as nail polishes go) is mood-driven and impulsive, I feel better the next day if I spent less than what I would have spent on a premium coffee drink.

And finally – the winner of the Set the Stage Giveaway: Commenter #5, Samantha Edwards. Congratulations, Samantha!

Aug 08

Sally Hansen : Strobe Light

I’ll be announcing a winner of my Sally Hansen “Set the Stage” tomorrow (drawn randomly from the comments), so there’s still time to enter!

Sally Hansen : Strobe Light

Here’s another glitter polish (Target, but I’ve also seen it at Walgreens), and this time I wore it on its own, rather than layering it over a color:

Sally Hansen : Strobe Light

It’s pink and silver holographic glitter in a slightly pink clear base. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but it’s growing on me.

I started with a clear base coat, followed by a glossy top coat and then applied the Strobe Light. I got the best glitter coverage by laying the blush flat against my nail. Although this glitter is a lot bumpier than the gold I used previously, I think a top coat will help.

Jul 28

Sally Hansen : Set the Stage

I have a Pinterest pinboard for some of my favorite nail polish looks, and referred to it on a recent trip to Target when I found Sally Hansen’s “Set the Stage” gold glitter. (Here’s the pin that initially inspired me and another pin with the same theme)

Sephora | Sally Hansen
NOTE: I applied 1 coat of “Don’t Feed the Hand Models” followed by 2 coats of “Set the Stage”

Sephora | Sally Hansen
When I returned to Target today, I noticed there was one remaining bottle of Sally Hansen “Set the Stage” and I bought it for one of my readers to win. Will it be you? Just share in the comments whether you like this look and please include a link to your blog (if you have one). A winner will be chosen at random.

Jul 04

Yes, really

Kimono Girl

Your eyes don’t deceive you — this really is the first post I’ve written in over two weeks! I’ve spared you a lot of non-knitting content, but I figured that some of you who know me outside of the knitting community might be okay with yet another random update (that is . . . my sisters).

My biggest achievement the past two weeks: acknowledging that there are some uncomfortable, unpleasant things I need to do if I want to change my situation. Metaphorically speaking, do you pull off the bandage quickly or do you cue the histrionics and do it ever-so-slowly? Me? I’d rather experience a lot of pain if it’s over in an instant than prolong the suspense and agony. But the past couple of months, I’ve been uncharacteristically trying to ignore and hide the pain (from myself . . . it was evident to others). So, things have festered.

This post is deliberately vague to protect the innocent, by the way.

Anyway: Progress. Baby steps. And a tiny bit of momentum toward positive changes.

I miss knitting (and crocheting) SO much. Last month I bought the yarn and pattern to knit this: Zipline Shell, with Classic Elite Cotton Bam Boo (Vanilla).

I also bought The Knitter, UK (Issue 32) because I loved a couple of the sweaters: Leaf Cable Top and a pattern from an insert that came with the magazine: The Jan Sweater, by Susan Crawford (the pattern also appears in A Stitch in Time, Volume 2). Last month I saw this sweater modeled by Gail her blog and absolutely loved it!

Somebody asked in an email last week what nail polish I was wearing — and although I wasn’t wearing any at the time, I applied Hard Candy‘s “Beetle” later that day:

Hard Candy : Beetle

It’s a dupe (duplicate) of Orly Space Cadet at about half the price. And I loved it!

Here are some additional blog entries featuring Beetle on others: at 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic, Gesso Scientist, and at Lovelyish.

Jun 17

Butter London : All Hail the Queen

Butter London : All Hail the Queen

This little gem of a color has been on my “must try” list for a while and not only did I finally find my camera card and card reader, this dropped into my life the same day. Kismet.

Have I mentioned that Butter London is becoming my favorite brand? I love the colors, the names, the formula. You can even see remnants of my previous Butter London color, Artful Dodger — a beautiful teal.

Check out All Hail the Queen (formerly All Hail McQueen – a nod to designer Alexander McQueen) at Product Girl, All Lacquered Up, and Temptalia.

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May 29

Butter London : Jaffa

Butter London : Jaffa

Butter London : Jaffa (the name is presumably inspired by the Jaffa orange)

This was a rush polish job on my way out the door (helped along by a fast-drying top coat) because I wanted to wear orange that day. What a mood-lifter! See it also here and here. Depending on your browser, the photo might seem eye-searingly orange or a more accurate subdued coral color. You can find Butter London polishes at Ulta stores now. Although the display at my local Ulta was a bit picked over, there were still plenty of colors to choose from. I’m removing this polish today in order to try a new Butter London that I can’t wait to share!

(And please pardon the iPhone photo – I can’t find my camera card)

May 14

Sephora OPI : What’s Your Point-settia?

Sephora OPI : What's Your Point-settia

And yes, it’s a holiday color: I first used it during the holidays last year, and never got a chance to blog it. But I was in the mood for red fingernails last week and almost turned to Bogota Blackberry, which never fails me because it looks good with everything. Instead, this little beauty of a polish — a deep red with flecks of red and gold — came back into my life. While my photo’s not the best, if you look closely at the bottle, you can see the gold shimmer.

Coming soon: A “kitchen sink” post in which I attempt to share all my updates at once instead of trying to make time to write separate posts.

Apr 28

Butter London : Lady Muck

Butter London : Lady Muck

I’m still enjoying the Butter London formula and was an immediate fan when I saw this color on SoKnitPicky. This must be “Butter London Month” because the “real” nail bloggers are all atwitter about Butter London’s “No More Waity, Katie,” an homage to Kate Middleton, the imminent princess bride. An observant Flickr contact thought my Rescue Beauty Lounge : Insouciant might be a duplicate of “No More Waity, Katie,” but after seeing this blogger’s nail swatches, I can see that they’re quite different after all.

I was really on the fence about Lady Muck on me, but the more I look at it, the more I like it. It’s unique, understated. Did you know? I didn’t!

As an aside, I have to point out a blogger I discovered via Knitionary: Today’s Agenda. Be still my heart — here’s a knitter who regularly shares her nail color and other neat nail effects (stamped, painted, etc), ALONG WITH the yarns or projects that inspire her color choices. Love it.