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Jun 21

How to Find Your Ikigai

While I was setting up my bullet journal (more on that later this week), I found several YouTube channels that I binge-watched over the weekend. One of the most intriguing videos (linked below) involved the Japanese concept of “Ikigai” (pronounced icky guy)– or “reason for being.” It’s geared to millennials, but it’s worth watching even if you’re older. Most days, I feel like I’m already living out my ikigai, but it helps me to go inward sometimes and check in with myself. Print out or draw the diagram and put it where you can see it occasionally. It’s a great way to mentally balance whatever competes for your attention or as a tool to help you discover your own ikigai. In my case, it reaffirmed my decision to begin blogging again and falls into the “What I Love / What I’m good at” (Passion) quadrant — an area where I haven’t done a very good job of nurturing my talents. Once you’ve checked that out, go to Good&Co for a fun quiz

Jul 25

Returning with knitting

Alexandra's Airplane Scarf

Last week, I  remembered that writing helps me to organize my thoughts and chart my life. I also remembered that upheaval of this routine means creative chaos. And creative chaos creates anxiety. So, this one area that I’ve neglected — blogging — has been very crippling and it’s spilled over into everything.  My first tactic is to begin posting on Mondays again. Writing on Monday sets the tone for my week and allows me to look at what I’ve done in the past week and what I’ll do THIS week.

I started this scarf intending it to be a mindful, relaxing knit — something easy to pick up and put down. Alexandra’s Airplane Scarf is knit in the round on a larger needle than the yarn typically calls for (in this case, Kidsilk Haze Stripe — but can be used with any lace weight yarn and a 5.00 mm circular needle). Although I started it when nights were cool and having the scarf-in-progress on my lap made me cozy and warm, I finished it during a hot, humid Houston July. I love it.