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Jan 04

Charlie’s Christmas Hat

Charlie's Hat

I love knitting hats and Charlie looks really cute wearing them, so he’s building quite a collection. When I needed a stranded knitting refresher, I pulled out the pattern I used when I was first learning and adapted it to the basic hat pattern I always use. The stitch count worked out perfectly and both Erica and Charlie liked his hat:

Charlie's Hat

(My own hat pattern with this chart)

I hate to jinx myself by even mentioning it, but I’ve had a lot of self discipline in sticking to a reasonable number of WIPs (works in progress). And so far this year (ha!) I’ve managed to knit every single day — even if it’s just a few rows. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve stopped myself from buying more yarn by reminding myself that I can consider it only when something moves from “in progress” to “completed.” Yet I still continue to tempt myself by browsing Ravelry and adding items to my queue and my favorites. One thing is certain — between Ravelry and Pinterest, I have insurance against sudden loss of inspiration. Speaking of Pinterest, if you would like an invitation, please let me know and I’ll send you one!

Dec 13

Secret Rose

For the annual ornament exchange with my co-workers, we all decided to knit Christmas balls using 55 Christmas Balls to Knit, by Arne & Carlos, as a guideline. I’ve wanted this book ever since I’d seen the Norwegian version, Julekuler, last year — so I was really excited about it. The basic pattern and a blank template are included, but the book also includes a lot of fantastic narrative about their Christmas traditions and point of view, along with some background about their knitwear design empire.

Julekuler - Christmas Ball

[ Details on Ravelry ]

From the book:

“A simplified rose pattern is often used, some call it a “secret rose,” others the rose of the heart or Selbu Star . . . “

I love all the variations of the Selbu Rose or Star and was a little bit obsessed with them last year. I really want to make more Christmas balls, but the most important one is finished and since I’ve a few more things waiting in the wings, it might turn out to be my post-holiday project.

And if you’re not charmed enough already, you’ll have to watch this video:
Arne & Carlos – 55 Christmas Balls to Knit