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Jan 04

Charlie’s Christmas Hat

Charlie's Hat

I love knitting hats and Charlie looks really cute wearing them, so he’s building quite a collection. When I needed a stranded knitting refresher, I pulled out the pattern I used when I was first learning and adapted it to the basic hat pattern I always use. The stitch count worked out perfectly and both Erica and Charlie liked his hat:

Charlie's Hat

(My own hat pattern with this chart)

I hate to jinx myself by even mentioning it, but I’ve had a lot of self discipline in sticking to a reasonable number of WIPs (works in progress). And so far this year (ha!) I’ve managed to knit every single day — even if it’s just a few rows. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve stopped myself from buying more yarn by reminding myself that I can consider it only when something moves from “in progress” to “completed.” Yet I still continue to tempt myself by browsing Ravelry and adding items to my queue and my favorites. One thing is certain — between Ravelry and Pinterest, I have insurance against sudden loss of inspiration. Speaking of Pinterest, if you would like an invitation, please let me know and I’ll send you one!

Apr 03

Charlie’s Cotton Blanket

WIP : Cotton Blanket

A baby can never have too many blankets, right? I’m knitting Charlie a blanket that I designed: a lightweight cotton/acrylic blend intended for overly air-conditioned venues. There’s also yarn for a pair of tiny socks, since he should have a pair that’s hand knit by his grandma. I also wanted to share a close up of the pins that Chica sent me. They’ve been great for this project and they’re similar to the coil-less, rust-proof safety pins that Elizabeth Zimmermann recommends in many of her books. SoKnitPicky mentioned in the comments of a previous post that these are the same pins that Anthropologie uses for their clothing tags, and I think that’s a great way of collecting and re-using them. So for now, I’ve got enough pins to bypass a clothes-buying trip to Anthropologie. Darn.

Having a newborn in our lives forces me to be more attentive to one thing at a time — it’s madness to have more than one project going. And because I’m making it a point to focus and prioritize, I’m actually making measurable progress on the blanket . . . even when several days go by when I’m not able to work on it at all. Of course, I’m perpetually behind on everything else. I miss checking in with all of you to see what you’re working on, so I’m making time for that today.

Mar 22

Charlie’s handmades

Erica had newborn portraits taken at the hospital and Charlie got to wear the sweater I knit for him. I started it shortly after I found out she was pregnant, but before we knew she was having a boy. I love the construction — it’s knit side to side, sleeve to sleeve, with a 3 x 3 rib throughout. Knit with fingering weight, washable yarn in a gender-neutral color, I think it’s a perfect newborn sweater pattern to have in my repertoire. After all, it’s a grandmother’s privilege to knit a sweater that he’ll outgrow immediately:

[ Ravelry Details ]

Of course, he will never outgrow a blanket and this is one of three extra-special handmade blankets he received:

Since learning how to crochet a couple of years ago, Erica has always loved granny squares. Knowing this, my co-workers at the yarn shop all got together and made Charlie his own granny square blanket, and those who didn’t already know how to crochet, learned how in order to contribute squares. Each square has several shades of blue (Cascade Superwash Paints) and is bordered with white. I think he loves it! (And so does Erica).

Thank you for the sweet comments welcoming Charlie on my post yesterday! I’m actually exercising SOME restraint by not posting as many photos as I’ve taken because apparently, his goal is to get cuter every day. He’s succeeding!

Mar 20

Seduced by a knitwear model

It’s likely you’ve been wondering where I am and I’ve been dying to come here and tell you about the new love in my life:

Erica gave birth to Charlie on March 12, 2011 (7 lbs 4 oz, 20.5″) — just a little after noon last Saturday — and made me a first-time grandmother. Since I only get that distinction once, you will have to indulge me in a few baby-related posts over the next couple of days/weeks/months. He’s awesome and perfect and he smells good. I couldn’t wait any longer to share him with you. And, yes, I have photos of him in his newborn sweater. I’ll be posting those soon. Would you like to see the awesome blanket that my Twisted Yarns co-workers made for him? It’s incredibly special.

Charlie arrived amidst news of the devastating earthquake in Japan. While I haven’t yet heard from my family members in Tokyo (most live in or around Setagaya and Meguro), my hope (and belief) is that they are safe and coping. When the cable news outlets became overwhelming to watch, I turned to Asahi Shimbun. And, finally, it was so good to hear from Chica, further inland in Kyoto, that they were safe and sound. She and Charlie missed sharing a birthday by about 12 hours. Happy belated birthday, Chica!