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Jun 09

I resolved in 2017 . . .

I resolved in 2017 to come back to my beloved blog and while it’s taken over half the year to do it, I’m back! I’ve been very active on Instagram (find me there as twistedknitter) and I try to post photos there often. I’ve also separated the business from the personal and the shop has its own Instagram (Twisted Yarns). I’d be honored if you followed both! I’ve missed blogging and writing, so I’m resolute about writing weekly again — even if I’m the only one reading. Writing has always been my way of transforming imagination into plans. Skipping the writing step has left me adrift.

For now, I’ll share one of my latest knitting WIPs along with a link in the caption so you can find read the details on Ravelry. I’m using three skeins of Silk Garden Sock and it’s nearly finished — just a few more rows! It’s an easy (and FREE), addicting pattern and will work with virtually any yarn. I’ve had it on the needles a while (started in March 2017) but life intervened before I could get back on track. So naturally, I did what I usually do and started new projects. What else would a yarn lover do when she’s surrounded by gorgeous yarns?! It’ll be satisfying to knit the last few rows and reward myself with another new start.

May 30

Simple things

Little Triangle Scarf

From Knitscene Easy 2010
Knit with Classic Elite Waterlily in “Lily Pad”
More details on Ravelry

This simple little garter stitch triangle scarf has a keyhole opening so that one end can be pulled through, securing the scarf around the wearer’s neck. I love uncomplicated projects like this — it reminds me how much I enjoy garter stitch; it’s humble and practical, providing warmth and insulation without the need for the intricate maneuvers required to create more complicated stitches; unless of course, you’re inspired and choose to do them.

While I was knitting the scarf, I was daydreaming about a new space to blog. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and after more than 6 years with the Movable Type platform, I decided to start using WordPress. Rather than integrating my old blog entries into this blog, I’m beginning fresh here. My former blog entries can be accessed via the link on my sidebar.

Although it’s still a work in progress — please welcome to my new blog home and thank you for continuing to read here. Things might look a little bit plain while I focus on some other projects, but my goal is to spend more time writing my blog entries than tweaking my sidebar content. I will be replying to my comments in the comment thread rather than replying via email as I have in the past. If you’re not a fan of threaded comments, I hope you will try it anyway.

Thank you again, loyal readers!