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Aug 02

Some other stuff I do

If you follow me on Instagram, I’m transitioning to two separate Instagram profiles — one for Twisted Yarns and one for my personal Instagram account. Both are public and I invite you to follow both accounts.

Little known fact:
Years ago — before I discovered knitting, I was designing and selling my own rubber stamp designs. I was journaling daily, and creating new stamps to use in my journal and on my handmade cards. In 7+ years of stamping, I made hundreds of cards and filled many journals. However,  a move from North Carolina to Texas in early 2003, meant packing away most of my supplies until we could transition from temporary apartment housing to our home. My craft supplies didn’t make it out of boxes for months and when they did, I had no room to spread out and work. It was frustrating to have lost a fulfilling creative outlet.

As the holidays loomed that year, I was getting really antsy to make things and I found Knitty.com, which led me to dozens of inspiring knitting blogs. Within a few weeks, I had purchased yarn and knitting needles to teach myself how  to knit dishcloths and found new homes for some of my stamp supplies. I licensed my stamp designs to an online stamping site and devoted myself to my new knitting hobby. I still continued journaling and using my stamps, but on a much smaller scale. By the end of the following year, I was working at Twisted Yarns and had officially adopted my new obsession. Knitting was portable, and I could meet with other knitters and take it everywhere. Most of my time was spent driving kids to school and waiting in long car rider lines. Knitting was essential!

It was about this time last year when Instagram Explore led me to creators and makers who were using stamps in many different applications (Project Life, Traveler’s Notebooks, Art Journals, and memory keeping in general) — and it came back in to my life on a much smaller, more focused scale, not so product-heavy this time. I know what I like and I’m back to journaling daily, keeping things portable and requiring a smaller footprint for the pockets of time that I find to spread out my supplies and create things. AND. There are new stamp designs in the works that I can’t wait to share!

Ironically, this new focus and engagement has helped kickstart my knitting mojo — which, for me, has always been more about the process and the possibilities rather than the end product. You can expect to see more variety on my personal Instagram.

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