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Nov 19

Still going strong

Still going strong

It’s that time of year in the greater Houston area — when temperatures range from overnight lows in the 30’s to daytime highs of the 70’s and low 80’s. My favorite scarves and shawls come out and many get a bath and re-blocking.

When I wore the green scarf this past week, we had a bit of sunlight after two rather dreary days, so I chased the rays around the house like a cat before the sun could disappear behind a cloud again.

Other useful neckwear this past week includes the Just Enough Ruffles (get the pattern here), my yellow Anne scarf, and my Spring Festival Scarf.

What’s keeping you warm this winter?

Sep 26

Thank you, Knit Picks

Thank you, Knit Picks!

When I was invited to submit a pattern to Knit Picks using their new Shadow Tonal lace weight yarn, I jumped at the opportunity and waited patiently for the yarn to arrive (I chose the Gypsy colorway). I completed my sample, took the photos, and submitted it for final approval and inclusion in the new Independent Designers Program. I tweaked an existing pattern because I already knew it could be knit with one skein of their gorgeous lace weight yarn. Previously, I’d knit it in Malabrigo lace, which I still love (and have on the needles right now). Project costs, including the yarn — less than $7. I kept in mind Knit Picks mission: “Passionately committed to affordable knitting,” so I am delighted that my humble pattern is included in the Independent Designer Program and now in their October print catalog. Thank you, Knit Picks!

Of course, while I was looking through the catalog, I found a few other fun items to share with you, if you haven’t seen them already:

Knit Picks Sock Blocker Keychain
Knit Picks Kitchener Dog Tag

And isn’t this amazing?:

Knit Picks IDP Crochet Pattern

Another IDP pattern (not mine, but Lauren Osborne‘s) – which means it’s only $1.99 for the downloadable pattern. If you choose Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, it’s under $20 to create an eye-catching scarf. If you have several random leftover skeins of Cascade 220 like I do, then you could use that instead.

Have fun with affordable knitting!

Jun 29

Pearl Ten : Malabrigo Lace

Leaf Lace Scarf : Pearl Ten

A good friend once advised me to always store my intended pattern with the yarn I purchase for it. While that advice has served me well, this is one instance in which the yarn I matched with the pattern obviously didn’t inspire me enough to reach for it for a few years. I finally decided that I would rescue the yarn from oblivion and file away the scarf pattern in my pattern binder. I love the rich brown of the scarf and chose to use the one pattern I have memorized – my original Leaf Lace Scarf pattern.

Leaf Lace Scarf : Pearl Ten
I don’t know if I can wear this color, but I know it will feel wonderful!

Jun 11

A scarf comes home again

When I knit my sample for the pattern I published with Knit Picks Independent Designer Program, I did what other designers before me had done — I sent them the finished object. When they sent it back to me a couple of months ago, I had all but forgotten about it. Opening a package to find one of your finished knits inside is almost as exciting as a package with new yarn. And now, it’s destined to travel again, only to end up closer to where it started.

Leaf Lace Scarf II

Pattern: Leaf Lace Scarf (Knit Picks – $1.99)
Ravelry: Leaf Lace Scarf II (buy now for $1.99)
Yarn: Knit Picks Shadow Tonal 100% Merino Laceweight, “Gypsy”

Leaf Lace Scarf II