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Oct 07

Quick Crochet : Bark Sedge Washcloth

I can still crochet! (I was a little bit worried I’d forgotten how).

Lion Brand Pattern : Bark Sedge Washcloth

Bark Sedge Washcloth
Free Lion Brand pattern

Ravelry Details: [ Bark Sedge Washcloth ]

I finally figured out a good project to work on during study breaks; I read and outline for 40-45 minutes and then crochet or knit for the remainder of the hour (rinse and repeat). Washcloths are perfect — and in this case, I got to practice my crochet skills.

It’s a pattern I’ve used before, but unfortunately, I misread the title of the pattern and incorrectly titled my blog post back then (July 2010). And, as I mentioned in my old blog post, there’s a Lion Brand app — and if you use the app, you won’t have to log in each time you search for a pattern or inspiration. You can also use the mobile site if you don’t have an iPhone or iPad.

When I mentioned the Wooly App, I’d forgotten about one of their recent updates — the ability to add photos to your projects and stash. As with similar apps, you can choose to take a photo or add an existing one from your phone’s gallery (I’ve done both successfully). Prior to that enhancement, I was using the Yarma app and it works the same way, though not as seamlessly. My point is — there are fewer barriers now to sharing photos of projects on Ravelry if you have a smartphone and one or both of these apps! I’ll admit to preferring photos shot with a camera (rather than my phone) because it’s ideal for getting photos with lots of detail, but any photo is usually preferable to none.

If you’ve tried one (or both) of these or have any ideas of your own, I’d love to hear them.

Jul 18

Bark Sledge Stitch Washcloth

Ravelry: Bark Sledge Stitch Washcloth
Yarn: Pakucho 100% certified organic cotton, Color 025, Brown Vicuña

While I was in Yakima, Washington, I visited a cute little yarn shop there (Little Red Hen Yarns on Summitview) and found my favorite organic cotton yarn on sale and bought 3 skeins to bring home with me. With help from Ravelry, I found the perfect pattern for a highly textured crocheted washcloth on the Lion Brand site. While I don’t often visit the site due to the annoyance of having to register and log in to see the patterns, I discovered this morning that there’s a free iPhone/Touch app for Lion Brand that makes it easier to search for and use the patterns there. These were so quick to do and I’ll soon be able to replace all my well-loved washcloths.