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Aug 08

Sally Hansen : Strobe Light

I’ll be announcing a winner of my Sally Hansen “Set the Stage” tomorrow (drawn randomly from the comments), so there’s still time to enter!

Sally Hansen : Strobe Light

Here’s another glitter polish (Target, but I’ve also seen it at Walgreens), and this time I wore it on its own, rather than layering it over a color:

Sally Hansen : Strobe Light

It’s pink and silver holographic glitter in a slightly pink clear base. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but it’s growing on me.

I started with a clear base coat, followed by a glossy top coat and then applied the Strobe Light. I got the best glitter coverage by laying the blush flat against my nail. Although this glitter is a lot bumpier than the gold I used previously, I think a top coat will help.

Jul 28

Sally Hansen : Set the Stage

I have a Pinterest pinboard for some of my favorite nail polish looks, and referred to it on a recent trip to Target when I found Sally Hansen’s “Set the Stage” gold glitter. (Here’s the pin that initially inspired me and another pin with the same theme)

Sephora | Sally Hansen
NOTE: I applied 1 coat of “Don’t Feed the Hand Models” followed by 2 coats of “Set the Stage”

Sephora | Sally Hansen
When I returned to Target today, I noticed there was one remaining bottle of Sally Hansen “Set the Stage” and I bought it for one of my readers to win. Will it be you? Just share in the comments whether you like this look and please include a link to your blog (if you have one). A winner will be chosen at random.

May 29

Butter London : Jaffa

Butter London : Jaffa

Butter London : Jaffa (the name is presumably inspired by the Jaffa orange)

This was a rush polish job on my way out the door (helped along by a fast-drying top coat) because I wanted to wear orange that day. What a mood-lifter! See it also here and here. Depending on your browser, the photo might seem eye-searingly orange or a more accurate subdued coral color. You can find Butter London polishes at Ulta stores now. Although the display at my local Ulta was a bit picked over, there were still plenty of colors to choose from. I’m removing this polish today in order to try a new Butter London that I can’t wait to share!

(And please pardon the iPhone photo – I can’t find my camera card)

May 14

Sephora OPI : What’s Your Point-settia?

Sephora OPI : What's Your Point-settia

And yes, it’s a holiday color: I first used it during the holidays last year, and never got a chance to blog it. But I was in the mood for red fingernails last week and almost turned to Bogota Blackberry, which never fails me because it looks good with everything. Instead, this little beauty of a polish — a deep red with flecks of red and gold — came back into my life. While my photo’s not the best, if you look closely at the bottle, you can see the gold shimmer.

Coming soon: A “kitchen sink” post in which I attempt to share all my updates at once instead of trying to make time to write separate posts.

Feb 25

CND Shellac : 14 days later

Remember my Shellac manicure? Here’s how it looks today:

CND Shellac - 14 days later

You can see that my nail growth is pretty obvious and yet there’s very little tip wear unless you get really close — and this is closer than most people will typically get anyway. I put this manicure through a lot! I don’t use rubber gloves when I clean or do dishes, and in a typical week, I’m pretty hard on my nails. I expected at least SOME chipping. As pleased as I am with how it’s held up, the test isn’t complete until the Shellac is removed. I’ll report back then! What I’m hoping to see is that my nails are in good shape, with no trauma and no discoloration. And if all goes well, I’ll eventually try another Shellac manicure — but not till I’ve let my nails “breathe” for a while.

I’ve noticed on Twitter and Flickr that a few of you are now kicking it up a notch on nail care! Thanks to you, I’ve found a few new blogs dedicated to nail polish so please share those links here in my comments! I don’t regularly check out as many as you would think — instead, I’ve relied on recommendations from my readers to keep me in the loop. (And is it just me, or are longer nails making a comeback?)

Feb 14

CND Shellac : Red Baroness

A couple of days ago, I tried a CND Shellac manicure at a local salon. Overall, I was pleased with the outcome and if the Shellac lasts the full 14 days, I’ll be happy. However, I won’t go back to the same nail salon where I had this done. I specifically asked the technician not to use the buffer on my nails and when we “discussed” it vigorously, she insisted that she had to use it in order for me to get the results I wanted. I’ve since learned that not only is it not necessary, it’s not recommended. So the next time, I’ll definitely forego the buffing (which I typically don’t ever want done anyway — it weakens my nails).

Here’s why I wasn’t completely happy with the outcome:

CND Shellac Red Baroness

See those wrinkles? I can only see them when I’m wearing my glasses, but Erica saw them right away. Unless you look at my nails closely under a strong light, it’s not as apparent as it is in the photo. While I don’t feel any bumps or wrinkles when I run my fingers across the top of my nails, it bothers me because it means something wasn’t done correctly.

I do like the intensity of the color, and the fact that my nails were completely dry when I left the salon. There is much less odor associated with this process and it’s more affordable than I thought it would be. I didn’t have a full manicure — just the Shellac application — and it was $20. Prices do vary, however, and when I choose a different salon for the next try, it might end up costing more. Something that bothered me a bit was that had I come in with an existing Shellac manicure to remove, the nail technician would have soaked my fingers in 100% acetone to remove the layers, rather than using the CND Shellac Removal Wraps. Live and learn!

Meet the Colors - CND

My shade: Red Baroness, plus notes on the other colors I like

Would I do it again? Yes — but I won’t know for sure until I see how my nails fared after the 14 days. You know what that means, right? No Nail Color of the Week entries for a while. Instead, I might catch up on a few of the nail colors that I haven’t blogged yet. I also have some knitting (really!) to share.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Ours will be low-key — we went out to eat on Friday in order to avoid the craziness tonight.

UPDATE[9/20/12]: My nice commenter “Carla” revealed why I was getting so many hits and random comments on this blog entry. Apparently my Shellac images appear when people search for Shellac-specific photos. I would like to clarify, as I did in my reply to Carla, that my post about Shellac was simply a valid post of my own opinion and point of view regarding the Shellac process. But I would also like to clarify a few things. Shellac is registered trademark of Creative Nail Design and “Shellac” shouldn’t be the term one uses to describe the services performed with other companies’ products. In February 2011, I sought a salon that would use the Shellac “system” as it is described on their website.

If a salon purports to use the Shellac system, they shouldn’t have to use coarse buffers or drills, etc. to “prepare” the nails for Shellac. I stand by that. Inexperienced nail techs might resort to treating the process the same as acrylic nail application, and that’s not how natural nails should be treated. I also do not want to soak my fingernails in acetone to remove Shellac. And because there are no guarantees with consistency of service or that the correct process will be used, I simply choose to avoid Shellac altogether.

I hope this blog post is useful, but if not, there are now many informative blog posts from which to choose.

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Jan 19

Nail Color of the Week : Chanel “Black Pearl”

Chanel :: Black Pearl

It’s a winner — I love this one. Black Pearl has a slight green shimmer that tones down the black considerably, making it a lot more wearable for me.

This color wasn’t on my radar until I saw this review, so I was excited when So Knitpicky loaned me hers to try. (Thank you, So Knitpicky)! I think she knew I would like the hint of green (think gunmetal gray). And that reminds me — I have some new green nail colors to share with you soon. I’m excited about them and I’ve already swatched and photographed one of them.

Nov 29

Nail Color of the Week: OPI “Tease-y Does It”

OPI "Tease-y Does It"
[ Brand: OPI, Burlesque Collection Color: Tease-y Does It ]

Now this is more like it! SoKnitpicky loaned me this one to try and it had a much higher WOW factor when I put it on than the previous Burlesque Collection color I tried. Two coats aren’t enough to pack the punch that I got with three coats — it’s worth the extra effort. In bright sunlight, it looks browner than it truly is. I suggest viewing the swatches at All Lacquered Up to get a truer representation. It’s definitely a “vampy” color though and while I loved wearing it on my fingernails, I think I would prefer it on my toes.

And with that, I’m going “nude” for a few days since I broke two nails the day after I shot the photo. There are a few knitting posts in my future — I finally got the 2.5mm DPNs I need to finish the thumbs on my mittens.

Nov 27

Nail Color of the Week: OPI “The Show Must Go On”

OPI "The Show Must Go On"
[ Brand: OPI, Burlesque Collection Color: The Show Must Go On ]

(More accurate color with the black background)

I didn’t buy this color for myself — it was for my daughter — but I did a quick application (two coats followed by a top coat) to see if I liked it. I’m not so sure I do! She envisions it as a color for her toes, and perhaps it would look better on her. I’m underwhelmed.

I did, however, use this opportunity to try my new CND “Stickey” base coat. I’d seen great reviews, and while the polish does seem to “stick” more readily to the base coat, it seemed to also make it harder to apply. I’ve since tried it again with another OPI color and had the same feeling of my brush wanting to drag against the base coat instead of glide smoothly. One of the main features of the Stickey is that it helps prevent the discoloration that can sometimes occur when using dark polishes. I now have on a darker polish and will report back about the results.

CND "Stickey"

Nov 12

Nail Color of the Week: Nubar “Iris Dust”

Thanks to the mitten obsession, I’m a little bit behind sharing my nail colors! First, I’m leading with a photo of my most recent nail color, Nubar’s Iris Dust, from their line of duochrome nail lacquers. This is the color I wore during Halloween week. It flashes light and dark pink to a warm, golden orange.

Nubar "Iris Dust"
[ Brand: Nubar Color: Iris Dust ]

I absolutely loved this color and think it looked great on my longer-than-usual nails. Three coats are a must in order to get good coverage and to really bring out its duochrome features. While my manicure didn’t last as long as I would have liked, I’m definitely a fan of Nubar and thank you to SoKnitpicky for loaning it to me to try! She introduced me to another brand as well:

Commander in Chic
[ Brand: Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure Color: Commander in Chic ]

Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure formula is pretty impressive and does what it claims to do: all 5 steps of a salon manicure in one bottle. The brush is really unique and might take some getting used to, but it gives wider coverage in the first swipe. It’s great for that initial application, but a little tricky if you need to go back and finesse a trouble area. This would be the polish to reach for if you want results in a hurry, and I can certainly appreciate how widely available it is.

Last week, I clipped all my nails after breaking a couple and they’ve been completely bare for almost a week. As soon as I finish knitting my second mitten (today), I’ve got another great color to try — from OPI’s Burlesque collection. Which one could it be?