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Jun 16

Ann Norling #35: Feather and Fan

I started this blanket over a year ago and the intended recipient is already one year old. I’m sure I’m not the only knitter to have ever done this, right? My kids all loved blankets well into their grade school years and my daughter still has her favorite blanket, so I think it will still be well received.

It was my first time using Cascade Pacific, a machine-washable blend of merino (40%) and acrylic (60%). As soon as it was off the needles, I washed it on the delicate cycle with a small squirt of Soak (Lacey) and dried it in my dryer — it laundered beautifully. It’s a great choice for baby afghans.

The pattern is a classic and I’ve used it before — Fantastic Eyelet Crib Blanket.

Purple Feather and Fan

Feather and Fan with Cascade Pacific

What about you? What are your favorite blanket patterns for babies?

Even though I had it on the needles for over a year, it’s actually a quick knit. The pattern is easily memorized and it’s great TV knitting. I don’t knit much while I’m in school, so I’m catching up on my WIPs now that it’s summer. I have a lot to share (and not all of it is knitting — think jewelry!)

Feather & Fan

Feather & Fan with Cascade Pacific



Mar 15

Feather and Fan

Feather & Fan Baby Blanket

[ Feather & Fan Blanket on Ravelry ]

Guess who likes loves to knit baby blankets? When I was first pregnant, I never really understood the generosity of people I barely knew hand crafting lovely things for me (and other expectant mothers), but I totally get it now! I think there must be a kind of primal urge that fiber lovers get — satisfied only by honoring a newly arrived little one with something made especially for them. Because if Mom could do it, the best time is before the baby arrives — but she’s way too busy attending to the newest addition to her family to have time or energy to make something.

So the honor is truly mine in this case to knit something to match the purple bedding and decor that was chosen for little H’s room. And after that, I’ll knit another blanket for another little girl due in July. While boys are great fun to knit for, there’s just something about knitting for girls. (Those of you who’ve seen my recent favorites on Ravelry: this serves as notice that these little ones are not my future granddaughters).

This pattern is a classic — not only Feather & Fan, but an Ann Norling (#35) pattern. It’s dependable, basic, and customizable. This is typical for Ann Norling patterns in that she provides a wide range of options for yarn weights and finished sizes. Based on your yarn’s gauge, choose the size you want to knit and she’ll provide you with the amount of stitches to cast on and an estimate of the yardage you’ll need. It’s almost fool proof — and that’s what I needed. The yarn is Cascade Pacific — it’s incredibly soft and also machine washable. And purple!

As a follow up to my last post, here are my results for the VARK questionnaire:

V – 7
A – 9
R – 10
K – 7

I loved knowing what your results were! Some of them, I would have guessed — but some were surprises. The key bit of knowledge is that with new or challenging material, we default to our learning preferences. We simply have to refine those strengths to maximize learning. So when it comes to learning new knitting techniques, do your learning preferences line up with your quiz results? Mine do!

Aug 21

Stash Release – Manos del Uruguay, Kidsilk Haze, Blue Sky Alpacas

Details regarding all the yarns and payment terms are on Ravelry (you will need to be a member to view/buy) on my Stash Sale/Trade page (Manos wool is spoken for as of 8/23/11):

Manos Del Uruguay "Brick"
Blue Sky Alpacas "Grape" #523

Leaning tower of KSH ("Kidsilk Haze")

Jun 04

Forty seven

Spring Festival Scarf

Yesterday I turned 47. I had a great birthday and am feeling grateful to just to be here. I’d like to extend big thank you to those of you who’ve helped shape my perspective about being another year closer to 50 — I started and ended the day with a smile. I feel that I have a blank slate and that I can shape my future in any way I would like! While I still think it’s important to have long-term goals and plans, I have found that my bigger challenge sometimes is to appreciate the everyday moments I have with loved ones and friends. As I look back on the decades, most of my regrets aren’t for things I failed to do for myself, but for the opportunities I missed spending time with my parents, my sisters, my family, and my friends. So that’s going to be my focus for this birthday year.

Although I don’t have a photo of my nail polish, I’m wearing China Glaze Harmony in honor of my birthday and my new romance with the color purple. (The link will take you to another blogger’s swatches for the cool colors in the Spring 2009 China Glaze Romantique collection. The warm colors are here).

Thank you for reading this far! Knitters: I have a special birthday promotion for you. My Spring Festival scarf pattern is normally $1.99 but until June 11, 2011, click here to get it for just 47 cents! I’m planning to knit another one of my own with bigger yarn and bigger needles — and I think it probably needs to be some form of purple.

Noro Sekku :: Spring Festival

Mar 26

Love & Beauty : Shimmer Lilac (Orchid)


Love & Beauty : Orchid
From Forever 21, Love & Beauty Nail Polish, in Shimmer Lilac / Orchid


I make the occasional trip to Forever 21 to stock up on cotton t-shirts and camis, and on this trip, there were nail polish bottles on display at the checkout counter. My first glance at the display where I was checking out didn’t impress me — the colors were way too bright. She pointed me to a display further down the counter and I picked up the one with the most promise – the shimmery purple color you see above. It behaves like a $3 polish, so no surprise there. But it’s fun for a quick application when you want a day or two of something slightly different.

The appeal for me? It reminded me of Orly Rage, a huge favorite of mine and the shade that started all the nail polish madness here.

Inspired by StyleSpotting™’s Precious Metals

Mar 23

Finished: Fingerless Mitts

Last month, in the middle of a lot of pre-Charlie preparations, I decided that a nice knitting diversion was in order. When the opportunity presented itself to knit something tailor-made for a young lady with an aversion to pink, I immediately pictured something that would allow her fingers to fly free:

[ Ravelry Details Fast Fassett Fingerless Mitts ]

SoKnitPicky blogged about it here, and shared her photo with me.

This satisfied an urge I had at the time to cast on for some socks . . . but with so much in my queue and unfinished WIPs mocking me, there was no way I was going to do that! But at really stressful times, I crave the satisfaction of knitting a tube — just knitting around and around. It’s mesmerizing, meditative. So while it was a gift intended for another, it ended up being a gift I gave myself as well. Another added bonus was that I decided I really like purple after all!

Feb 18

Kaffe Colors : a peek at a WIP

Kaffe Colors

His color sense never fails to inspire. I had in mind a simple set that would be functional and girly — but not overly so. Yarn that self-stripes, in a perfectly harmonious color palette makes knitting ribbing a joy and not drudgery. I’ll be finished today and it feels good after a really stressful week.

Thank you to everybody who took advantage of my Dollar Off Sale on the Leaf Lace Scarf. I appreciate your support. Watch for more fun discounts and patterns coming this Spring!