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Jun 11

Shibui Crete Scarf

In May, I started the Crete scarf in spite of a record number of WIPs. However, I decided that from now on, if I have needles free, and I’m compelled to cast on for something, I’m just going to do it. Why not cast on like it’s my job. It kind of is my job! By the way — you have my permission to do whatever you want too — if you want to cast on, then cast on! You’re only auditioning the yarn, after all.

I’m such a sucker for Shibui yarn and this project has brought me joy from the beginning (and it’s a great color, which helps). I love the combination of rustic and luxurious — and Twig has my heart now. I don’t think there’s another DK-weight yarn quite like it. It’s a combination of linen, recycled silk, and a little bit of wool. I’ve seen how it transforms with blocking and can’t wait to bind off this scarf give it a good soak. The best part of knitting the Crete is the addition of Lunar — 1 strand of Lunar and 1 strand of Twig makes a gorgeous fabric. And as I do with cotton, cotton blends, and linen, I always use interchangeable needles when I’m knitting a lot of stockinette. I use the needle size called for on my knit rows and a smaller needle on my purl rows. (I don’t swatch for scarves, if you’re wondering). It keeps the fabric looking smooth and consistent. Not every knitter has the issue I have (“rowing out“), but rather than adapt my knitting technique (it would slow me down initially and the payoff isn’t worth it if I have an easy fix), I’m happiest knitting with two different needle tips.

Shibui Crete

Crete Scarf – Shibui Lunar and Twig, in Apple Colorway